About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Worldwide Institute for The Work.

The Institute for The Work (ITW) is a virtual learning center created to support your practice of self-inquiry and to move you closer to an intimate connection with your true nature.

ITW supports you in finding your own way to freedom within a global community with the same purpose: to end suffering and to nourish peace within us and in the world.

“When you love everything you think, you love everything you see.” —Byron Katie

ITW is a place of meditation. When you love everything you think and everything you see, there is nothing you can ever be afraid of again. That is the power of love. Just ask the four questions, wait, and allow your own wisdom to show you the answers.

Membership in ITW is available to graduates of the nine-day School for The Work and to participants who have completed the No-Body Intensive or the five-day Forgiveness Intensive.

There are four levels of involvement in ITW:

  • School graduates and participants who have completed the No-Body Intensive or five-day Forgiveness Intensive have access to the ITW forums and the Daily Practice program.
  • Members may sign up for the One-for-One program, with the option to join the Certification Program. (Enrollment is required for ITW membership.)
  • Candidates in the Certification Program have access to advanced resources, as they fulfill coursework requirements.
  • Certified Facilitators enjoy additional benefits and privileges.