Benefits of Enrollment

Benefits of Enrollment

The Institute for The Work (ITW) is a virtual learning center created to support your practice of self-inquiry and to move you closer to an intimate connection with your true nature. ITW supports you in finding your own way to freedom within a global community with the same purpose: to end suffering and to nourish peace within us and in the world. Receive immediate access to online and offline interactive support to advance The Work in your life. Sign up for events, attend a Live with Byron Katie Webcast, or check out the schedule for our Do The Work Helpline.

Membership in ITW is available to graduates of the nine-day School for The Work and to participants who have completed the No-Body Intensive or the five-day Forgiveness Intensive. There are two ways to join: FREE and available to you now: Access to our online forum and the Daily Practice program.

MEMBERSHIP at $200/annually: Provides access to the One-for-One program, the option to join the Certification Program with access to advanced resources to fulfill coursework requirements; benefits available to Certified Facilitators and Trainers within ITW. You become a voting member who can actively participate in the creation of our global ITW by serving on the Board, committees and in volunteer positions.

In these webcasts, Byron Katie answers questions about facilitation and The Work. These calls are instructive, moving, and fun. And you never know what mind-blowing experience may come next! You’ll also have access to audio clips of previously recorded webcasts to enjoy at your convenience.

This vital part of the ITW is an important way for you to stay immersed in The Work. Each month you’ll be paired with a new partner through our automated system. You will always be assigned the perfect partner for you. How is anything else possible?

Our One-for-One program offers ITW members the opportunity to experience and support each other by exchanging facilitations on Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets, giving and receiving feedback, and identifying underlying motives that can otherwise be difficult to discover.

These online pages give you the opportunity to ask questions and view the questions and answers of others in the ITW community who are dealing with similar issues. Topics are wide-ranging. This is a great online resource for growth.

These events are for everyone seeking freedom from suffering. Our Certified Facilitators and their curriculum will take you deeper into your own practice of self-realization, toward peace and a kinder world. They are fully qualified to guide you into a richer and clearer internal life.

The Helpline is a free service offered around the clock, seven days a week as volunteers are available, for people new to The Work and for those needing occasional help or support in doing The Work. The Helpline is staffed by volunteer BKI Certified Facilitators and candidates within the Facilitator Certification Program. These facilitators are ready to support callers throughout the world in doing The Work and are here to give back what they themselves have been given. The Helpline is the gift that we, the receivers of the calls, love giving!

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