Certified Facilitator Opportunities

Certified Facilitator Opportunities

Once Certified, you’ll have access to all that the ITW has to offer, including the opportunities listed below. It is Byron Katie’s heart's desire to help you expand your awareness beyond perceived limitations and to help you financially support yourself as you move and share The Work in the world.

  1. Your Events posted on The Work website and here on the ITW website

    Your upcoming events will be announced on The Work website and the ITW site, and accessed through our affiliate links. We are developing relationships with affiliates that will result in hundreds of links to our Certified Facilitators.

  2. Your profile listing on The Work website Certified Facilitator page

    Your profile will be made available to those seeking help all over the world.

  1. Do The Work Helpline
    Serve on the Helpline as you continue to serve your enlightenment. Train others to do the same! The Helpline equally serves the volunteers (you) and the callers (the old you) throughout the world! These special interactive sessions provide invaluable facilitation experience.

  2. Offer Certification eCourses

    Be a Certification eCourse Trainer (with financial benefit). Certification eCourses are required for all Certification candidates, giving you ample opportunity to support others in finding freedom and sharing The Work.