Certification Coursework


This page is an overview of the Certification Coursework requirements.

If your heart's desire is to deepen your practice of The Work, join us.

Coursework Requirements:

Two Nine-day School for The Work (counts as 0 credit hours)
Any Schools you complete AFTER your second School (as staff or participant) will count as 50 credit hours toward Events with Byron Katie.

Event Credits: Total 150

With Byron Katie   90 – 120 credit hours

You are required to accrue a minimum of 90 credit hours and up to 120 credit hours with
Byron Katie (of the 150 total event credit hours) Regarding BK credit hours: exceptions may be granted in light of COVID-19 restrictions. On your application, list all of your BK hours to date.

  • Events with Byron Katie attended within five years prior to your enrollment in the Certification Program may be included within your credit hours.
  • All Byron Katie events listed here may be attended as a participant or staff with the exception of Turnaround House.
  • It is your responsibility to keep track of the credits you receive from Byron Katie events. Record the events you attend by event name, date and year.
  • There may be no more than 4 years between the last 9 day School for The Work you attended (as participant or staff) and attending a Certification Graduate Course.

  • Events are listed below.

    Events with Byron Katie:

    Byron Katie online events 2 hrs +partnering 3
    One-day event (minimum of 6 hours) 6
    Weekend Workshop 12
    New Year’s Cleanse 20
    No-Body Intensive 24
    Four-day events 24
    Five-day events 25
    The Work In Business 25
    Nine-day School for The Work (Third and subsequent Schools) 50
    Turnaround House 168
    * Maximum 10 credits accumulation for webcasts with Byron Katie
    With Certified Facilitators  30 – 60 credit hours

    You are required to accrue a minimum of 30 credit hours and up to 60 credit hours with Certified Facilitators (of the 150 total event credit hours) from events.
    Events listed below

      Events with Certified Facilitators:

      • We encourage you to join events with many different Certified Facilitators. NOTE-12 credit hours is the maximum you can receive from any one Certified Facilitator during your time in the certification program.
      • Accredited Events with Certified Facilitators attended within 2 years prior to enrollment in the Certification Program may be included as credit hours.
      • 10 credit hours (of the 30-60) may be attained by participating in a Certified Facilitator Event offered in a teleclass* format. The remaining credit hours are to be attained by attending live in-person events OR live online events** with Certified Facilitators.
      • Visit the Events with Certified Facilitator page to find events that qualify for credit hours in the Certification Program.
      • You are responsible for keeping track of these graduate hours for credit hours in the Certification Program.
      * A teleclass is an online event or course offered in classroom format over several weeks.
      **A live online event is an event of 6 + hours offered over one or more consecutive days in workshop format.

      Total credit hours: 160

      Complete twenty cycles of One-for-One with other ITW Candidates or Certified Facilitators. Each cycle must be with a new partner to be valid for credit hours.

      Below are the five required ITW eCourses
      Total credit hours: 75

      • Basics
      • Power of Turnarounds
      • Difficult Client
      • Giving and Receiving Feedback and/or Working with Feedback
      • Helpline
      Topic-Based eCourse (optional and recommended)
      • Working with Feedback (optional and recommended)
      ITW eCourse credits do not expire.
      • Previous telecourses you attended continue to count toward your certification. You may be required to participate in one or more of the eCourses listed above to be current with and complete your certification coursework requirements.

      Helpline Internship for Candidates
      Total credit hours: 115

      Do The Work Helpline as a service (115 hours of client contact required)
      Please note: for the Certification Graduate Course. 115 hours of client contact time is required to apply for a Certification Graduate Course.

      Program Tuition

      Tuition costs vary depending on the events you choose to attend with Byron Katie and Certified Facilitators. The following list illustrates one possible way to complete your credits, and it is not the only way:
      $400 ITW Membership Fee ($200 per year)
      $2,260 School staff (this would be your second School for The Work)
      $750 Five ITW eCourses
      $1000  Five Certified Facilitator Events (based on an average cost of $200 per event for a total of 30 credit hours.
      $300 Staffing for three Mental Cleanses (60 hours credit for events with Byron Katie)
      $--- Staffing Byron Katie events for an additional 60 credit  hours (this cost will vary depending on the events you choose to staff).
      $1000 Graduate Course
      The list above is based on completing 120 credit hours with Byron Katie and 30 credit hours with Certified Facilitators. Additional program costs may include airfares, accommodations and meals.

      Candidates are asked not to hire Certified Facilitators for sessions during their candidacy. The intention behind this guideline is to support any conflict of interest. We invite you to get what you came for by supporting yourself to fully step into your coursework, taking advantage of all the Institute for The Work (ITW) has to offer.

      We invite you to consider the following:

      • The Certification Program offers a variety of ways to support yourself and your peers.
      • When we refrain from stepping into familiar support systems, we allow opportunities and ways not yet known to us to open up. The Institute for The Work is designed to support this in every possible way, through its many programs.
      • If you were already having paid sessions with a Certified Facilitator before you enrolled in the program, it is okay for you to continue working with this Certified Facilitator during the program, of course. As you consider this, you and/or your facilitator may want to put your sessions on hold until you finish the program.

      Rather than having paid sessions, as Candidates you are invited to immerse yourself in:

      • One-for-One pairing
      • eCourses: Basics, Power of the Turnarounds, Difficult Client, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Helpline, Topic-Based and Working With Feedback.
      • Do The Work Helpline (as a caller and/or through service as a volunteer)
      • Attending an additional School for The Work as repeater or staff.
      • Attending events with Byron Katie
      • Attending the accredited events offered by Certified Facilitators for The Work of Byron Katie.
      • Mentoring Program
      • Use the resource materials sitting with yourself in a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet or One-Belief at a time Worksheet.

      Thank you for your service to peace.