Certification Coursework

With enrollment as an ITW member, you will have the opportunity to become a candidate in the only authorized worldwide Certification Program for The Work of Byron Katie.

This Certification Program was designed to support us in learning how to end suffering within ourselves by embodying inquiry in our own lives. It is our purpose to serve ourselves as we begin to live our turnarounds.

If your heart's desire is to deepen your practice of The Work, join us.




Nine-day School for The Work
Required. This will be your second School.

Events with Byron Katie and Certified Facilitators
    All events listed below may be attended as a participant or as staff (with the exception of Turnaround House). Certified Facilitators can apply to be staff at Turnaround House. Events with Byron Katie attended within five years prior to your enrollment in the Certification Program may be included. Note: successful completion of one School for The Work is required to join ITW. A second School is required for the Certification Program. Any subsequent School for the Work you complete counts as 50 credit hours toward Events with Byron Katie.
    Events facilitated by Byron Katie
    90 - 120

    + At Home with Byron Katie /Live with Byron Katie events
    either in person or webcast*
    + One-day event
    + Two-day Parenting event
    + Weekend Workshop
    + Inquiry for Business Leaders
    + New Year’s Cleanse
    + Four-day events like Being with Byron Katie
    + Five-day event
    + The Work In Business
    + Nine-day School for The Work
    + Turnaround House

    * Maximum 10 credits accumulation for webcasts

    30 - 60
    Accredited Events with Certified Facilitators
    • It is to your benefit to experience as many different presenters and presentation styles as possible, therefore a maximum of 12 credit hours per Certified Facilitator will count toward fulfilling the 30 – 60 required hours.
    • Accredited events by Certified Facilitators attended within two years prior to your enrollment in the Certification Program may be included.
    • 10 credit hours can be attained by participating in a Certified Facilitator Event offered in a teleclass format. The remaining credit hours can be attained by attending live in-person events with Certified Facilitators.
    • Visit the Events with Certified Facilitator page to find events that qualify for credit hours in the Certification Program.


One-for-One no tuition fee charged

Complete twenty cycles of One-for-One with other candidates or Certified Facilitators. Only one cycle with the same partner is valid for credit hours.

per eCourse $125

Five eCourses
- Basics
- Power of Turnarounds
- Difficult Client
- Giving and Receiving Feedback
- Helpline
- One Topic-based eCourses (optional)

Teleconferences/Facilitator Webcasts with Byron Katie

Helpline Internship for Candidates
Do The Work Helpline as a service (115 hours of client contact required)
Please note: serving a minimum of 50 hrs of client contact is required prior to applying for the Certification Graduate Course.


Certification Graduate Course

ITW eCourses do not expire.

There needs to be a maximum of four years between the last School attended as staff or participant and the Certification Graduation Course.

Total tuition: $6,205.00*, based on:

  $ 2,260   School Staff (this would be your second School for The Work)
$ 1,695 Graduate Course
$ 750 ITW eCourses
$ 200 ITW Annual Membership Fee
$ 1,000 Five Certified Facilitator Events (averaging $200 per event) (30 hrs.)
$ 300 Staffing three Mental Cleanses (60 hrs.)
$ 0 Staffing other events with Byron Katie (60 hrs.)

*This cost is based on doing 120 credit hours with Byron Katie and 30 with Certified Facilitators. This does not include airfares, accommodations, and meals, with the exception of the School for The Work. This is an illustration of how one person may complete their credits, and not the only way. All coursework requirements and fees subject to change. Previous telecourses continue to count towards your certification requirements, and you may need to participate in additional eCourses to complete this part of the coursework.



Guidelines for Maintaining Certification:

Your Certified Facilitator license is valid for two years from the date of issuance. It is renewable every two years thereafter.

It is your responsibility to track and meet your CF requirements. One month prior to your license expiration date, complete the Certified Facilitator License Renewal Form and email to certification@instituteforthework.com.

If you do not notify certification@instituteforthework.com by your license renewal date, your profile will be temporarily suspended until a record of the requirements you have met to maintain your certification license has been received.

Basic Requirements (per 2-year license period):

  • You need to be a member of ITW.
  • Complete a minimum of one One-for-One cycle.
  • Serve a minimum of 48 scheduled hours (an average of two hours per month) on the Do The Work Helpline
  • Co-train or participate in a minimum of one ITW eCourse
  • If you co-train an eCourse: have a Peer Review completed on one of your eCourse sessions.

In addition, complete one or more of the following:

  • Offer an ITW accredited event posted on the Institute for The Work website. 
  • Serve an additional 24 hours on the Do The Work Helpline.
  • Co-train an additional ITW eCourse.
  • Staff or participate in a minimum of one of the following; a 9-day School for The Work, No-Body intensive, five-day Forgiveness Intensive, or four-day Being with Byron Katie silent retreat.
  • Staff or attend an ITW Graduate Course and Convention. There will be a minimum attendance requirement during this event to receive credit ( when attending as a Certification Graduate candidate credit not given).

If you have any questions please contact certification@instituteforthework.com