5 Mondays: February 22- March 22, 2021
1-2:30pm ET

“The Gifts of Aging” is a five-session teleclass. We will question our thoughts and images about what we call aging--our own and that of loved ones. We will invite our minds to welcome any images from the past, fears for the future, and beliefs we have about aging. Where do beliefs end and where does truth emerge? We will remember that we can suffer only from believing a thought. The focus will include candid inquiry into beliefs about our bodies, mental abilities, pain and disease. We will question our thoughts about the receding of some life prospects and yet the opening of others, our fears about our being left on the sideline, and, of course, our reveries on death and dying. At base will be our inquiry into the stressful belief that aging means loss. 

About Presenters

Celia C
Barrett M

Barrett became a Certified Facilitator in his early 70’s after having believed for several years that he was too old to take it on. Now at 83, it has become his third fulltime career.

Celia found The Work in 2002 and was certified at the first Certification Week in 2008. She laughingly says “I did The Work and my ex-husband changed totally!” She is apparently 75.

Additional Information

"Dear Barrett,
This has been one of the most profound works with you that I ever had in 10 years doing the work. I have called my mother after a time of silence and I have listened to everything she gave me. I have found the places where I really have done things that have been harmful to her. From there we came to the point where I could say to her… you are the tall one and I am the little one. The daughter. She in the end for the first time said, that she wants to stop blaming me and said: we could try to be friends. Maybe it works. - And tomorrow we will burn old letters that she has kept as a revenge...and we will celebrate forgiveness.... Imagine that! Thank you!"
--Anonymous, Berlin, 2015

"Celia is helping me to get the hang of Byron Katie's four questions and the turnarounds. Celia is "no nonsense or time wasting" in her approach and keeps one very focused while all the time one feels the empathy & love that comes only from someone who has "Been there, Done that". I am learning to stay in "my business" rather than in the other's business (my wife's!) or God's business. Thirty years of Freudian analysis hadn't taught me that simple lesson; simple now after only a few sessions with Celia. What an eye opener!"
--MW, Skype Client, 2014

$175 / or late registration fee, $200 (after February 17)


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