Mary Magdalene, Demeter & Persephone,
Exploring the Feminine Mysteries through
The Work of Byron Katie &
The Sesame Approach to Movement & Drama
For women AND men!

Mary Magdalene, Demeter & Persephone,
Exploring the Feminine Mysteries through
The Work of Byron Katie &
The Sesame Approach to Movement & Drama
For women AND men!

28 May–4 June 2016
We meet for dinner on Saturday, 28 May, and say au revoir on Saturday morning, 4 June. You can extend your stay by arrangement.

This workshop is inspired by the stories of Mary Magdalene, the only female, Most Beloved, and much-maligned disciple of Jesus; and Demeter and Persephone, mother and daughter Goddesses, whose myth is an archetypal template of abduction, betrayal, separation, withdrawal, and return.

Non-religious in approach, this retreat is firmly based in Inquiry. Violent, disturbing, or frightening world events can leave us feeling disempowered and ungrounded. With all the chaos in the world: war, rape, the destruction of communities and people uprooted, economic and environmental uncertainty, we tend to look outside of ourselves for answers and stability.

Where is the innocence of childhood, the confidence of youth? What happens to our generosity of spirit when faced with an endless stream of the needy? Our trust and love? Our belief in the innate goodness of the universe? What do we do with our own innocence, creativity, wisdom, intuition, vulnerability, when those aspects of our very being may have been ignored, disrespected, maligned, hidden, either by others, or by ourselves? What use are they anyway with things as they are? How can we contribute to a better world?

With exercises grounded in The Work of Byron Katie, and further animated by the Sesame Approach to Drama & Movement, we’ll discover how to identify and work with limiting beliefs and patterns around expressing our Feminine, Receptive Knowledge. We’ll identify the stories we have adopted to defend against the perceived pain of separation or betrayal. We, men and women, will track our life experiences to reawaken and revivify the Sacred Feminine in our psyches. We’ll support each other in a secure, nurturing, and enlivening atmosphere. There will be daily pair or solo assignments to complete in your free time. We will use inquiry, movement, and drama to create our own personal Myth. In so doing, we may open to deeper wisdom, guidance, and beauty.

The “Nag Hammadi Scroll” of Mary Magdalene speaks of listening not just to the ‘above’, but also to the calls from ‘within’, or ‘below’, which is a path of inner truth and awakening.

We've also planned for some visits to local sites dedicated to the Magdalene, and some time spent in solitude and silence to enhance your experience of the wonderful landscape.

A typical day:

Early morning movement meditation/walk on the Pic.

Breakfast in the garden.
A whole morning of intensive individual, group and pair exercises.

After lunch, free afternoons to rest, do your homework, read, share a massage, swim in lakes, mountain streams, socialise, paint, walk the forest tracks, ride, bird-watch; hot springs, caves, castles...

Early evening session, dinner at 8.00, singing, dance, videos, discussion, meditation, star or storm-gazing... In addition, we will be available for ad hoc or pre-booked private sessions.

NB* Traduction pour Francophones.

About Presenters

Tamara A

Tamara Alferoff is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, a Certified Facilitator of The Work, and a grandmother, writer, traveller, and gardener. The Work brings great joy and grace into my life and I simply love to share it.

Additional Information

Ok, great.....mmmm....gooood memories of Lavaldieu....all sunny....deep, deep Work in that lovely room.....your amazing skill facilitating Tom and Marina at the same and Tom working in a field so full of butterflies it was hard to focus on facilitating around the evening meal table in candlelight and convivial discussions....pillow fight in the bedroom between me, Brigit and Edith, giggling like school girls...swimming in the lake from hot to cold grapes in a burning hot field.... early morning walking the Ridge, stars still fading as i started...view of mountains in each direction from the top as far as i could see..and the unforgettable moment when a space opened up in my mind between thoughts, revealing nobody having them....thank you.... I can recommend Tamara as a wonderful facilitator and workshop presenter of The Work of Byron Katie - she is kind and sensitive yet acute, and brings immense skill and experience to her work. I have found her so helpful to work with and have loved attending her workshops. .
—Helena Weaver, participant 2011

Tamara is a woman of full integrity and honesty. She is so open and available. Her journey has been strong and her joy, love for life and others show you how deep she's done her inner-work. She is the kind of person you are grateful to have in your life and I know you will be even more grateful to work with her as a Certified Facilitator. You are in for a wonderful ride. Enjoy! I highly, highly recommend Tamara.
—Tania Fierro, Certified Facilitator of The Work 11 April 2011

Reserve your tuition place with a non-refundable deposit of £70.00 for Paypal or other ways to pay and more info.
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In addition, make sure to reserve your lodging with Pat at Lavaldieu:
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Rennes-le-Chateau, Couiza, Aude, 11190

€317 (£249) Earlybird by 7 May. €337 (£267) thereafter.
Paypal or bank transfer

Lavaldieu is a mediaeval hamlet in the foothills of the French Pyrenees, steeped in the mythology and history of the Grail, Knights Templar, the Cathars, and of course the mysterious Rennes-le-Chateau where the Tour Magdala was built. Legend tells that the Magdalene arrived here with her spouse Jesus, and the area has many springs, caves, and sacred places dedicated to her, and from where the stories of Jesus and Mary began. Forest walks, historic castles, unspoiled villages, rivers, butterflies, eagles, wild boar, and horses, along with immersion in Inquiry. A detox for your body, your mind, and your soul.
Lavaldieu is the ‘Valley of God’.
€271 Euros 7 nights half-board. Payable direct to Lavaldieu—booking essential. Vegetarian, mostly organic, home cooking. We share food for lunch (salad, bread, fruit, and cheese usually). Comfy shared bedrooms in farmhouse, or camping (reduced rate). Day attendance is also possible.