The Hero’s Journey – Nine Day Residential Retreat in mythical Pelion, Greece

The Hero’s Journey – Nine Day Residential Retreat in mythical Pelion, Greece

July 9-19, 2019

The Hero/Heroines Journey.  Which Archetype is directing your life?  Orphan, Wanderer, Sage, Fool? 
Is your Orphan seeking a Tribe? Warrior waging war? Is your Altruist frustrated?  We human beings carry ancestral and collective templates, or Archetypes, that can impede our authentic expression, or enhance and enliven our experience of life as we align with their unique gifts.  We welcome you to an adventure deep into the Archetypal and Ancestral Energies that persuade and pervade through all our relationships, inform our patterns of behaviour, and influence our thinking.
Overview: A wonderful balance of deep, intensive inquiry during the whole morning and some evening sessions, with the fun, relaxation and bliss of afternoons beside, in, or high above the sparkling Aegean Sea, in this most beautiful and mythical area of Greece, the ancient mountain abode of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, Centaur, Mentor of Heroes. In the evening a meditation, group sharing, dancing, or individual sessions complete the day.

“Think of Archetypes as seeds planted in the ground of your psyche.  Your culture will water those archetypes it values, and, likely, try to weed out those it disdains.” Carol s. Pearson.

Intensive group, pair and solo exercises exploring the beliefs and inter-generational patterns that obscure and limit your full expression of deep wisdom, spontaneity and connection with your body, with your free spirit, and with others. You’ll grow more love in your heart and an ability to recognise and align with the archetypal patterns in yourself and others. Nothing to forgive, nowhere else to be, but in Presence.

Loss, Separation, The Search, Homecoming ...

Using The Work of Byron Katie®, Constellations, Voice Dialogue®, and Creativity, we’ll experience directly how these Archetypes and Parts influence our relationships to Self, Body, Other, our World. Many of the Voices may be those of our Ancestors, echoing down the generations, so we’ll be looking at patterns, traumas, and credos, that we have inherited, some direct and conscious, and others previously unseen.
Joy and sorrow, tears and laughter, may appear spontaneously as we become freely and fully expressive of our natural Innocent Being, and our relations with others become far more Authentic, Charismatic and Loving.
Archetypes likely to show up in the early part of the retreat:
Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Altruist, Seeker, Lover

Mastery, Magic & Wisdom in Self & the World

As we move on, we’ll explore how we might express more Creativity and Natural Leadership.
Time for the Archetypes of Destroyer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Sage, and Fool (the Divine Innocent)  coming fully into our empowered, flexible, kind and creative selves
The roles will fluctuate to and fro as well as the Archetypes find their voices.
We’ll use Inquiry and Dialogue, conjunct with Movement, Writing, Drawing and other Art forms, to enhance, deepen, and ground our experience, so that we  take home within us the restored energy where it may enrich every aspect of our lives, whether in intimacy, in family, at work, on public transport, solo, and particularly in responding to our political, climatic, and financial situations.
You’ll have opportunities to visit sacred and dramatic sites, hang around in hammocks, walk the cool forested slopes of Mount Pelion, frolic or laze in the crystal Aegean, marvel at the ancient massive trees, eat the wonderful food, try the local tipple, and welcome the kindness and generosity of the local Greek people.

We’ll be working singly, in pairs, and in the group, creating an atmosphere of support, intimacy, and deep spaciousness, with quiet times for processing and absorbing the deep realizations as they arise.

Morning Yoga, Meditation, or Tai Chi. Afternoons for beach, excursions, rest. Throughout your time here, our magnificent Mother Earth in all her glorious manifestation will support, shelter, challenge, nourish, and appeal to you.

Daily outline:
7-8am Movement, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation
8.15-9.15 Breakfast
9.30 – 1.30 Workshop
1.30 – 2.15 Lunch
2.30 – 5.30 Options to rest/beach/forest walk/village. Homework session.
6.00 – 7.30 Evening gathering, or community tasks.
8.00 – 11.00 Dinner, socialise,
11pm – 8.00am silence.

This is a living-in-community setting – so a little Karma Yoga, like preparing supper, watering the garden, clearing up, enhances the atmosphere of community, and helps to keep the price of the retreat so remarkably affordable. 
With exercises based on The Work of Byron Katie™, Carol Pearson, and amplified & animated with Voice Dialogue™, Inner Child, Constellations, Journalling, Dreaming and more, you’ll discover how to identify and work with Archetypal and Ancestral patterns that inhibit access to and expression of your deep wisdom. We’ll track our life experiences to reawaken and revivify the Archetypes in our psyches, whether male or female.  We’ll support each other in a secure, nurturing and enlivening atmosphere.  Above all, you’re bound to have fun.

Tamara will on occasion be available for ad hoc or pre-booked private sessions.

About Presenters

Tamara A

I’ve been active in the field of personal awareness, authenticity and growth for over five decades, a Diplomate Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Supervisor for over thirty years, a Practitioner of The Work (2002) and Certified Facilitator (2009).  I maintain a private practice in London, run residential Retreats in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, and work globally online with individuals, couples and groups in training. The rest of my time I’m busy being a grandmother, writer, traveller and gardener. The Work brings tremendous joy, ease and grace into my life and I simply love to share it.

Additional Information

- What is one thing you will remember? I can’t choose one. The feeling of sublime peace in Damouchari, Particularly that perfect full moon evening. But also: lazing in the hammock; singing badly drinking crappy wine and finding a song that everyone wanted to join in with. And from the workshop work: the constellations. Obviously ‘mine’ was the most significant one for me, but what I love about doing that work is that everyone participates, bypasses the mind, and gets something unexpected and personally meaningful from it.  -Helen Thomas, Psychotherapist in training, Business Owner.

Our Kissos campus is located in the beautiful Greek village of Kissos, on the shoulder of magnificent Mt Pelion, overlooking the mythic, crystal Aegean sea where we witness amazing sunrises. Kissos is a village of fruit trees, flowers and greenery, carved out of the forest above the seaside and about 25 miles/35 km (an hour’s drive) from the city and port of Volos. At an altitude 1600 ft, Kissos avoids the extreme heat, staying comfortable even in August. The village is notable for its 16th Century ornate Greek Orthodox church and its fine tavernas specialising in regional dishes.

Due to the easy walk to the village, the forest and daily rides to the beach this centre is the most suitable for those who are not able to walk so well or far.   Flights to Volos (nearest), Thessaloniki & Athens from many International airports. Information:

Direct with Kalikalos:

More information – Tamara Alferoff.
Want a chat before you decide? +447946476048  

Kalikalos Holistic Centre, Kissos, Pelion

Tuition Board & Accommodation from 600 €uros for Triple/Quad/ 750€ Single/ 675€ Twin. Deposit (n-r) €100
INCLUSIVE (except one dinner out in a local restaurant) 

Our simple accommodation is mostly shared. Singles are available for a supplement.  Some camping is possible. Freshly prepared vegetarian or vegan meals on the vine-shaded terrace above the gardens overlooking the sea. Special diets can be catered for.


All cancellations must be submitted in writing/email. If your cancellation is received 30 days in advance of the workshop, your fees will be refunded less your deposit. If you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.