Yes, That’s My Business!

Yes, That’s My Business!

Tuesdays: July 23 - August 27 
10:30am - 12pm PT

That’s My Business. What do you take to be your business? Your emotions? Your responses to your children, to your partner? What you put into your body? Your health? Your thoughts? Your integrity?

The first time I was invited to put to inquiry everything I took to be for sure – absolutely -why even wonder if it’s not - MY BUSINESS - I was staggered simply by the possibility that those beliefs, those tenants of my identity, could be questioned. I hadn’t even begun doing The Work on them yet, and already, I was staggered! 

We will spend these six weeks together gently identifying everything we take to be My Business, and then putting what we find to inquiry. The things we take to be My Business are often very close to our core identities. When we question these core identities the door to pure love can open and flood areas of our life that have been innocently tight and afraid for years. 

TW can show us the frightened energies inside that have, for years, earnestly done the absolute best they could to take care of our life. TW shows us these sweet ones, in all of their integrity and devotion, and gently allows them to soften, release the reigns, and open to a deeper wisdom and love to move through us.

I trust absolutely in stillness and silence, and love to abide in that quiet, open, listening place where the deepest answers and truth are revealed. I invite you there in this class, and I hold the intention of creating a space where this deep listening is facilitated. 

All levels of experience with The Work and meditation are welcome.


About Presenters

evangeline s

The Work has touched me the most deeply in its abilty to depersonalize the ashamed, defended, and frightening energies inside of me, thereby allowing me to look at them through the eyes of presence instead of from the torturous position of identification.
By looking with the eyes of presence at these energies, many of which have raged through my ancestral line for generations, humility and compassion have begun to blossom within me.

Additional Information

“I got more out of one session with Evangeline than out of two years of therapy.” ~Ithaca

“Her ability to go within and bring forth a palpable and compelling sense of Presence is really something to behold. I know the answers are within me, and Evangeline is wonderful at demonstrating doing that. I had a deep sense of the rock solid foundation she was standing on while holding space for us."  ~ Baldwinsville, NY

Either email me @, or go to
I am also good with texting – (607) 793-1566.
Skype works too – evangeline.sarat 

$179 by June 1st, $199 thereafter
The cost includes 6 weeks of 90 minute classes, weekly rotating homework partners, a private Facebook page, & infinite possible priceless insights.
Full payment is due upon registration, and can be submitted via PayPal or check.

Bring a cup of tea or coffee and cozy up to your computer for our video classes.


All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If your cancellation is received nine (9) days in advance of the workshop, your tuition will be refunded less a $50 processing fee. If you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.