A Year of Inquiry Immersion in The Work: Question Your Thinking, Change Your Life. Making the practice of The Work, and Peace, your Living Reality.

A Year of Inquiry Immersion in The Work: Question Your Thinking, Change Your Life. Making the practice of The Work, and Peace, your Living Reality.

September 2019 – June 2020 

The journey and practice of self-inquiry using The Work is a crystal clear way to bring awareness and self-realization to life. But like other practices (meditation, health, living authentically, for examples) we find ourselves not sitting still with focused intention to DO The Work. It seems simple, yet somehow difficult. 

Doing The Work is not easy to accomplish all alone. Driving in your car finding turnarounds to stressful thought doesn’t generally offer a clear picture of a thoroughly investigated stressful belief! (LOL!) No wonder we’re frustrated, or wondering what we’re missing, or find that we’re doing The Work on the same person or situation over and over again. 

There are “best practices” and distinctions offered regularly by Byron Katie and discovered by people who practice The Work as a way of life. These ways of following the simple directions blossom more and more clearly for us in a unique way, our personal process taking the time it takes. There are gentle invitations to follow that can make the work….work. You are your own teacher in the end, and, the people who have gone before you (or along with you) have brilliant insights we can share in, and apply. 

In Year of inquiry….we’re exploring The Work in our lives by doing it every week in a group and every week with a partner from the group and ongoing in a private online forum in writing. We gather together so we’re not in isolation. We hear other members’ inquiry, and learn from them. Ultimately The Work is about you knowing you, and loving what you find. 

We’re about to take a fabulous journey: A whole year together in a small group practicing the gift of inquiry. You’ll have the choice of 6 scheduled telesessions every month (5 days a week during the summer camp) plus 2 in-person retreats (optional). All in a kind, inclusive and safe container of fellow inquirers, any level welcome. Everything is recorded and available all year to listen to. Some people decide to attend one session a week live, some, all the sessions. You can mix and match your schedule as it changes over time. 

Some call what we’re forming a sangha, a Sanskrit term for those in spiritual community. You will create deep connections with people who hold one common intention: seeing Reality with clarity. We will share together our most petty, difficult, troubling thoughts in an atmosphere of compassion and honesty (and sometimes big belly laughs of humor). 

Why a whole year?

Because personal transformation appears to take practice, and time. (There are members of YOI who have taken it 3 years in a row, it’s a part of their spiritual practice to do The Work).

Each month we identify and then question stressful thoughts about a new topic. We build on the foundation of our questioned beliefs as we move through the year, learning and investigating together.

For every single month-long topic, we’ll have a group webinar call where you watch a video slide presentation to begin the month on how this topic has been approached by others doing The Work, including Katie. All video orientations to each month are released (this is brand new format) around the first day of each month.  Please see the Year of inquiry information page on workwithgrace.com for the schedule of monthly intro calls for 2019-2020.

MONTH 1: Introduction to The Work and YOI Orientation. We learn about the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet and starting from the beginning. We start with stressful stories right in front of us, and begin with The Work.

MONTH 2: Family of Origin (FOO). We continue learning the Basics of Inquiry this month, with our topic writing honestly about our parents, siblings, relatives, people who influenced us when we were children.

MONTH 3: What do I Complain About? We go through the exercise of looking at what we complain about from the mundane to the deeply troubling, and take it to inquiry without feeling guilty for complaining.

MONTH 4: Hurt, Angry, Afraid. What has scared me in my life? Who do I think hurt me, or who did I hurt? Whether long ago, or more recently, we get to look through memories where hurt, fear or anger was present, and look closely.

MONTH 5: Money and Career – Rich People, Poor People, Not Having Enough, Needing More, Relationships with people we know at work. Our experiences of Career and Money shape our lives, and our unquestioned thinking, no matter how much money we have, creates stress. Let’s see what’s really true. 

MONTH 6: Primary Relationship, Past Relationships, people who have had meaningful influence in our lives. You can identify your small annoyances, or big ones. Some take this month to work on their spouse or partner, others on family members or others who are causing a disturbance within.

MONTH 7: The Body – Flaws, Disease, Appearance and Looks, Sickness, Accidents, Trauma, Pain, Aging. What do you notice you care about, that you find disturbing, when it comes to your body?

MONTH 8: Living Turnarounds – What do you notice you want in life? What do you find scary about moving towards these dreams? An interesting look at what we believe should happen, for happiness…and finding freedom to take action more openly and freely to pursue joyfully, or not pursue. Everyone finds their living turnarounds through their own work, already underway.

MONTH 9: We return to the powerful question What’s The Worst That Could Happen.

MONTH 10: After all this practice, we get to sit with the powerful unique final TurnArounds: I am willing…I look forward to….our work on shame and guilt towards ourselves.

For all YOI members July and August: SUMMER CAMP FOR THE MIND! A blitz of mostly daily inquiry open to everyone from all over the world who wants access to time for inquiry, with others. We do The Work daily, a different time for every time zone.

Here’s the full list of offerings included in Year of Inquiry. 

*Telesessions (Tuesdays 5:30 pm PT, Thursdays 9:00 am) Anyone enrolled in YOI is invited to attend any scheduled telesession. 

*Monthly Webinar (each month, you’ll watch a webinar on the topic of the month (all webinars will be recorded). These webinars will address our topic for The Work, and always include explorations of Best Practices in The Work in our lives. We’ll look at the Principles for Facilitators, the Code of Ethics, and identify what gets in the way of holding these. Monthly webinars are released on or near the very first day of the month.  

*Monthly Q & A Call: Second Fridays 9:00-10:00 am PT, a deep, caring conversation and sharing of insights and Q & A about facilitation, philosophy, concerns, worries and questions that arise about our work and The Work. Always recorded.

*Partnering In The Work Everyone in YOI is invited to join monthly partner work with others in YOI. It’s OK to opt out of partnering any time. A beautiful place for connecting with others to inquire and share at the most honest level. For those in YOI who seek the highest level training paralleling Institute for The Work (ITW) you will pair with people in our community to complete 4-8 hours of partnering every month (people in ITW can do 1-4-1s as a part of YOI). For this deep immersion in partner work, you schedule with your partner independently. You will have a different partner every month, for 10 months. 

*Autumn 2019 retreat 10/17-10/28/2019

*Spring 2020 retreat 5/13-5/17/2020 workwithgrace.com/programs/the-work-of-byron-katie-retreat-with-grace/

Autumn and Spring retreats Discounted for YOI members. YOI friends may invite you to stay and our retreat lodge is gorgeous and you’re welcome to reserve a bedroom in the lodge for a modest fee per night. 

*Solo Sessions With Grace. Everyone participating in YOI an intake call at the very beginning where Grace meets individually with everyone during September-November.

*Summer Camp for The Mind. Daily calls to do The Work July-August 2020. Everyone in YOI automatically included in this Summer Camp daily Inquiry Jam.

*Private Forum, not Facebook, for YOI only While facebook is awesome in many ways, we use a special app (SLACK) where all our recordings, shares, follow-ups, worksheets, photos and videos on The Work are kept all year, and beyond. You will be able to download the little app on your phone, and on your computer, without it interfering with any of your other online work. With the press of an icon, we’re connected. Password protected and private. A fantastic way to take YOI on the go and have access to everyone in the community. Training will be provided in September during YOI Orientation on how to very simply access and set yourself up in our forum.

About Presenters

Grace B

Grace Bell, MA has worked with her own journey for over 30 years, studying it from all angles. She has a graduate degree in Applied Behavioral Science and works with people from all over the world who experience discomfort from their limited, repetitive or stressful thinking. She has done the work on having cancer, getting divorced, experiencing betrayal, losing a friend, the death of her father, dating, marrying, running a business and all aspects of money, and enlightenment and spiritual seeking. Grace has personal experience in overcoming addiction and ending compulsion with food and eating. What an incredibly loving adventure!

Additional Information

*10 credits for telesessions, 12 credits for retreats (optional to attend retreats)

September 2019 – June 2020 + Summer Camp For The Mind July-August 2020 included for everyone in Year of Inquiry
Telesessions: 3 weeks per month
Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 pm PT
Thursdays 9:00-10:00 am PT

Many YOI members pick a “home” telesession group, but you’re welcome to attend any telesession group, any time. All calls are also recorded and some participants love to listen to every recording. 

Retreats (CEUs for mental health professionals and/or 12 ITW credits):
October 17-20, 2019 Thursday night 7 pm, Friday, Saturday, ends Sunday Noon.
May 13-17, 2020 Weds 7 pm – Sunday Noon
Many YOI participants are encouraged to attend retreats. Early bird discounts for YOI members.

Partnering: participants are paired during the year (you choose 4 times per month or 8 times per month). Trading facilitation offers deep immersion in The Work and dynamic feedback from peers. Partnering is flexibly scheduled by times that work best for you and your partner.

“I feel so free and full of life and expanded....I guess this is happiness!  I so appreciate your gentle, kind, loving facilitation.  The work is what I am MOST passionate about in my life, and I hope to find my niche in sharing my passion and love with others.” ~ California 

"For me, commitment produces results. I love that YOI is a whole year. I got massive personal growth out of one year. When I stop growing generally, I leave. This didn’t happen in YOI. What I loved about a year of this, is that it is all about getting unstuck, not talking about being unstuck, but actually UN-STUCKING!  I am going to continue practicing and learning. This Small Group format is the best modality I could think of to practice the work. I was able to learn really fast. This was perfect access for me, not being able to go to the school for the work." ~ Washington

“I have found it much easier to do the work with other people since Year of Inquiry. I've done it enough that it is just in me so I think about it a lot throughout my day. There was something very profound in taking the commitment to do The Work for an entire year. Having the fellowship of everybody else was very strong for me as well. In that I suppose I am talking about outside of class where we would just talk with amongst each other :-) I feel like I made real friends. Friends that will last a lifetime.” UK

“I'm feeling very serene as YOI is ending, similar to like when I just came out of the school except that this high has already lasted longer :-) I believe the length of lasting is proportional to the length of time in the class. I will tell friends that it is one of the most thorough ways to do the work. Grace Bell is an amazing facilitator of the work and that is a big factor in the success of YOI. It is a great way to feel emotionally and spiritually connected to a group. It is a wonderful path of releasing old, worn-out, misunderstood belief patterns. The opening of the mind is a miraculous and spiritual experience like no other. Thank you.” Minnesota

To register visit this link and scroll to the payment options at the end of the page (you do not need to use paypal, you may use any card): workwithgrace.com/year-of-inquiry
or send the tuition to Grace Bell, Work With Grace, 17102 Brentwood Place NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155. 

$1800 for the year or $160 per month for twelve months. 
Repeaters $1500 for the year or $135 per month for twelve months.
NEW: Anyone who has taken YOI in the past may join month-to-month (you can come and go as needed) for $145 per month. 

For more information write to grace@workwithgrace.com

Participants will arrange their own transportation, lodging and meals to the in-person retreats. Some meals will be easy potluck together or at a restaurant during retreat sessions. Grace rents a beautiful retreat lodge in north Seattle which can sleep 14 people (5 private bedrooms). Lodging is a small lodging fee. For east coast fall retreat, stay tuned.


LOW RISK offer: Change Happens. You may cancel at the end of sixty days with the following conditions:
a) When you make your first month’s payment, if you choose to withdraw from the program (no questions asked) within the first month, then you will receive no further invoicing. If you still continue during the second month, but withdraw before the end of October, you will simply pay the second month and no longer be invoiced. We ask that you make a commitment to the full year on November 1st. You are welcome to attend any retreat with Grace, including the YOI retreats, as stand-alone events for the normal fee to the public.
b) If you have paid for the program in full, then you will be refunded with the exception of payments for months one or months 1+2. Payments for the first two months are the same amount as the monthly payment plan option ($160 per month).
c) If you have taken YOI once already, and want to join on a month to month basis, you may do so at any time in writing. There will be no refund for previous payments.