Re-Parenting Yourself with The Work of Byron Katie: A Subquestion Deep Dive

Re-Parenting Yourself with The Work of Byron Katie: A Subquestion Deep Dive

Saturdays: November 2, 2019 - January 11, 2020
10am - 12pm PT (skipping Nov. 30 & Dec. 28)

Have you ever wished you were parented better? Now that it’s your job, you can be! In this online class, we will take The Work of Byron Katie’s most common subquestions and ask subquestions of them. We will use our answers to help us become more attuned and responsive to our inner child in our daily interactions.

Often I am asked, “How do I love myself?” The answer is simpler than you may think. In these 9 sessions, we will explore the emotional needs of our inner child, the cues it gives us when those needs are not met, and how to go about satisfying them.

About Presenters

Betty P

Betty Peralta, LMHCA, CHt, IMH-E® (III) is an infant and early childhood mental health and trauma specialist. She combines this experience with The Work to understand the needs of her own inner child. In this class, Betty shares her tools to help you become more in tune and responsive to the needs your inner child.

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Betty’s class really helped me make some things that I had seen doing the work over years more concrete with specific living turnarounds.  Using the parent child metaphor has been a powerful way for me to see specifically how treat myself when under the influence of stressful thoughts (something that has always seemed kind of abstract to me) and to see how I can shift this.  I loved this class because doing the work in it, especially in the popcorn sessions, felt very natural and easy and laid back, while at the same time the work I did felt very deep.  Also, there wasn’t much extra work, so it was easy to fit it into my schedule.  I looked forward to the class every week.   —Ann

I cannot recommend this class enough ... it blows my mind and I enjoy it! And, I will take it again ... it is pure joy and Betty is a very good presenter. Betty's deep dive is not exaggerated. She brings the 'inner' dialogue - between the 'inner' child and the 'inner' parent - to light, with the perspectives of both the Work and neuroscience. Betty offers direction to discern this 'inner' dialogue; to decipher its structural and functional workings, to better read and appreciate the underlying beliefs, and to engage in a greater cooperative and harmonious internal communication for more joyous and free living. I highly recommend this class to all. Enjoy it!
—Eliane G.

After this class, I feel more full of the quality of myself in myself. For me, this inquiry, re-parenting myself, is about finding again my quality in quantity of my whole life experience, of my consciousness and it reflects on many levels on my everyday life, especially it helps me to notice, how do I treat myself first, what I am afraid of. I also noticed I am more connected and careful with my children. Beautiful coming back to home experience. I will come back to this class again! 

I am grateful to Betty for creating and offering such an awesome, deep and unique Reparenting Class. Every time we had a session I was able to discover something new about The Work, about the process of inquiry, and a way toward deeper inquiry. I noticed also a great link to my School experiences and realizations. I admire Betty's creative and wise mind manifested through the very good and deep subquestions, and all the explaining she did before each class.   

I love the way she introduced us to finding the moment in time; how to get really still and aware of my body sensations. For the very first time, I was able to do my own inquiry within a group. It was remarkable for me and I thought it would never happen for me. And it happened!

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