Sub-Questions & Turnarounds

Sub-Questions & Turnarounds

Saturdays: Septemeber 14 - October 12, 2019
11am - 12:30pm MST

The Course in Miracles says, “Teach only what you want to learn,” and I want to learn to be more effective with sub-questions and turnarounds. This class, then, is for me! And for you, if you think it sounds like fun.

Sub-questions are sometimes used during Question #3 to examine a stressful thought from different perspectives. They can yield powerful results, but they can easily be overused and distracting. This course teaches the delicate art of when and how to use sub-questions to take The Work to a deeper level.

Turnarounds can be confusing and difficult, especially if you have not done a thorough job in Questions #3 and #4. This class takes the mystery out of turnarounds and shows you how to have fun with them. Discover how “living turnarounds” can transform your life in amazing ways.

I invite you to “Play in The Work” with me as we do The Work on life’s pesky annoyances:

- Things that annoy us
- People who annoy us
- Things that annoy us about ourselves
- Things that worry us about the future.

About Presenters

Becky M

Becky Miller is a Certified Facilitator who retired from a career as a corporate paralegal to spend the rest of her life “playing” in The Work. Her fun and lighthearted approach makes The Work accessible for individuals, groups, and families. 

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