Moms Turning It Around ~ A Loving Path Through Your Child’s Addiction

Moms Turning It Around ~ A Loving Path Through Your Child’s Addiction

Sundays: October 20 - Nover 24, 2019
2:30 - 4pm PT

How does love show up in the face of addiction? 

As a mom with a son who has struggled with Substance Use Disorder for many years, it was either be consumed by fear, or find a kinder approach for me, and for him.  Instead of trying to change, control, fix him, or be lost in fear, I’ve realized how my love can look and sound in ways that contribute to healing, transformation, and hope. Thanks to a powerful process of inquiry called The Work of Byron Katie, my son has a more peaceful mom, and he’s always safe in my heart.

Yes, drugs do what they do, and it is also true that you are not helpless or powerless. You can help in ways that are helpful, starting with your own healing. You always have a choice to be overwhelmed by fear, or to empower your love.  How would it be for you and your family to approach your child with clarity, and the kind of responses that shine the light of loving action through the darkness of addiction?  Join us to practice a loving path through addiction, and let your light and love brighten the path.

This course is a safe and gentle invitation to explore your fears and emotions that surface when maybe your child is on the streets, didn’t complete rehab, declines treatment and help, blames you, is arrested, etc.  Bring it all!  You will find a place to share it with others experiencing and understanding the struggles, and be held with compassion and loving support to set you, and your child, free. 

Audio recordings of sessions will be available to deepen your healing. There will be one hour of partner homework between sessions.  We’ll share our insights and realizations through a secret and private Facebook group just for this class.  You may need Skype to work with your partner if they are in another country. 

About Presenters

Joanne R

Joanne is a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, LCSW, and a Certified BALM® Family Recovery Coach (Be A Loving Mirror).  Joanne has two sons, one of whom has experienced chronic addiction, and is now in recovery. With gratitude, she shares The Work as a way to experience healing, peace, and transformation.  Drugs don’t win here.  Love does!

Additional Information

“I want you to know that I love this class with you, and the other moms.  Nothing has been more powerful for me.  Thank you so very much.”
~ Libby

"I have been an Alanoner for a long time but have to say Joanne's class has added so much to my life, I can barely explain it. It brought all those years of meetings, counseling, etc. together."   ~ Elaine

"Thank you Joanne.  You have helped me so much to question my thoughts and beliefs.  I have been living in such a hopeless dark place and doing this work with you has helped me re-think everything."  ~ Deb

"It’s really helping me to connect with my son, see how beautiful he is, and relieve my worrying. I'm not as angry anymore, I'm accepting him more, and feel less tension between us. Thank you Joanne!" ~  Rene  

Phone: 631-827-9784


Early Bird $179 by September 20, and $199 after that date.  

Payment can be made by check, Zelle/Quick Pay, by credit card or Pay Pal to Joanne’s email @  Please contact Joanne directly for check, transfer, or a secure payment by credit card.  If paying by PayPal or credit card, please add service fee ($7.15 or $7.90)


All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If you cancel before September 20, your tuition will be refunded less a $50 processing fee. There are no refunds after September 20, 2019, and/or if you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early.