Uncover Your True Self - 6-month Online Inquiry Program

Uncover Your True Self - 6-month Online Inquiry Program

October 1, 2019 - March 30, 2020

"As you lose the filter that I call a story, you begin to hear yourself at a higher level. There’s a resonance that does not ever leave the center. You come to honor it because you realize you have no authentic life outside it." ~Byron Katie

Uncover Your True Self is a 6-month group inquiry based coaching program designed to uncover your True Self; the one you would be without your stories. Imagine living as love and approval within yourself, welcoming anything that arises with compassion.
In the intimate space of 6-8 participants you will receive in-depth personal guidance and the support of fellow truth finders. We will use:
The Work of Byron Katie Inquiry
Meditation & Mindfulness Practices

Topics covered:
* Dissolving self-critical beliefs ~ dismantling the old ego identity
* Making real peace with your parents; the inner masculine/feminine
* Releasing past shame and regrets
* Identifying and being freed from fearful beliefs about life/God/Universe
* Questioning and seeing through “spiritual” stories

The program includes:
• 1 monthly group online call guided by Helena. (We will vote to find a day and time that works for all participants and time zones.)
• 1 monthly private session with Helena (at a time of your choosing).
• Weekly partner work with another participant (at a time both partners agree on.)
• Instructions for Daily Practices.
• Continual support in online classroom.
• Written materials and recordings of all sessions and group calls.
• Guided meditation recordings created by Helena.
• 1 other Look Within class of your choice (can be taken once the 6-month program is completed, or during it, whatever works for you.)

I am so grateful and excited to offer this program, it is based on my own inner journey of coming to real peace with myself, the woman/being, called Helena. 
In the early eighties I started out on a spiritual quest fueled by my chronic low self-esteem and longing to feel good, to feel joy, to feel loved, to have the courage to create what I longed for in life.
I was seduced by stories about enlightenment: a state of perpetual bliss! I wrote thousands of positive affirmations to cover up my shame and guilt. I tried a LOT of crazy therapies and New Age modalities to try to improve myself. I sat at the feet of the Indian gurus, I talked to the Spirit guides, I swam with the dolphins.
Long story short; as I found inquiry and dissolved the roots of my pain: my harsh, critical belief system and the past incidents that locked it in place I was set free.
Mind found a home in the heart and there was no longer any need to “improve myself.”     ~Helena

About Presenters

Helena M

Helena has had a love affair with The Work since 2000. She became Certified in 2012 and is sharing The Work worldwide through on-line classes. 

Additional Information


To register: lookwithininstitute.com
Or mail a check or money order to:
Look Within, P.O Box 137 North San Juan 95960 CA 

Cell: 530-913-0186 
Welcome to call or e-mail me with any questions.

Tuition: $198/monthly for 6 months, due on the first of the month. First payment due before September.15th, 2019. (You can set up automatic monthly payments via PayPal.)

OR a $998 one-time prepayment due before September.15th, 2019. I am happy to send you an invoice.



Cancellations: Cancellations must be sent in writing. For cancellation less 2 weeks (14 days) before program starts the tuition is non-refundable unless you can find a replacement participant to take your spot. If you leave the program before completion (March 30th, 2020) your tuition is non-refundable.