Learning to live a stress free and fearless life

Learning to live a stress free and fearless life

November 16-17, 2019

Using the work of Byron Katie , we will explore what causes all distress, anxiety, and insecurity in your life.. We will return to our natural state of being. Where life is joyful and stress-free. You will learn to break the cycle of blame, hurt and disappointment and find happiness and freedom.

About Presenters

Sagar S

Facilitated by Sagar Simon, a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Sagar has over 30 years of experience in leading groups, meditations, and workshops.

Additional Information

ABC’s Spiritual Book Club organized a workshop facilitated by Sagar Simon, a certified counselor for The Work. Sagar, a gentle, soft-spoken American, helped the curious audience go down their personal rabbit holes of self-discovery and find freedom, peace and joy. He compassionately peeled off layers of endless mind chatter and rampaging thoughts with inquiry; he held the painful past up to the light of 4 questions and a turn-around. Adella


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ZZIIN-Work & Health Koningin Julianaplein 10,
2595 AA Den Haag(upper level in Den Haag Centraal Station)

€ 120,00 if you pay before October 31st and from Nov. 1st onwards € 130,00 Day 1, lunch included.

Lunch is included on Saturday.  


All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If your cancellation is received nine (9) days in advance of the workshop, your tuition will be refunded less a [€50] processing fee. If you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.