Making Friends with Medicine: The Work of Byron Katie

Making Friends with Medicine: The Work of Byron Katie

February 26 - April 1, 2020
Wednesdays: 11am-12:30pm PST

What happens when you meet medicine with an open mind?

As “a natural girl” diagnosed with breast cancer and faced with a rigorous treatment plan, I was forced to confront my own beliefs, fears, and anxieties around western medicine. Thanks to a powerful practice of inquiry called The Work of Byron Katie, I was able to discover my own truth: medicine is a gift. 

If medication is a part of your healing path, there are two ways to go through treatment: with stress and fear or with love and gratitude. Which way creates a more open, relaxed, and loving environment for your body to heal? 

This course is a heartfelt invitation to dive deeply into our belief systems, shame, fears, identities, and resistance to medicine, doctors, big pharma, physical pain, and side effects. Through the mental medicine of inquiry, weekly 90-min live sessions, partner work, meditations, an engaging online forum, and a compassionate community, you will receive the loving support to go within and uncover your own freedom. 

All sessions and meditations are recorded and are yours to keep so you can continue to integrate these healing practices into your life.

About Presenters

Bethany W

Yoga Therapist, Writer, and Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie, Bethany’s mission is to find freedom with everything life brings. Always intrigued by the relationship between the Mind & Body, she explores how our beliefs affect our emotions, physical sensations, and overall health & wellbeing. Yoga & The Work continues to gift her with a compassionate inner support system, especially during her journey healing breast cancer. and


Additional Information

“I thoroughly benefited from this course. I stepped into the world of Western Medicine after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I swore I’d never have chemotherapy. This class came at the time I had started chemo. With Bethany’s facilitation and guidance I was able to shift my perceptions and judgments and embrace my decision. I softened my stance on WM and learned how to change my thoughts around it. It made my treatment much easier to accept even when there were rough moments. I enjoyed Bethany’s calm and professional demeanor. I loved getting to know new people from around the world and gain some of their insights. I highly recommend this class to anyone grappling with an unexpected decision to use WM! Most of all, I am grateful for The Work to enable me to see things differently!”

“Bethany creates a safe space to share and work together. After following this e-course I notice how my suffering all begins and ends with my thinking. It's so helpful to dive into a specific topic like Western Medicine. I feel I have a choice and that blaming others is a dead end.”

“After participating in this course I am less judgmental of doctors, medications, and procedures. After being disappointed in the past, I tried to avoid using Western Medicine as much as possible. It seemed useless and pointless for my symptoms and other things about it scared me. After the course, my expectations are more realistic. I am more accepting of doctors making mistakes, not knowing everything, not having a solution for every problem, acknowledging they are doing what they can. I am more appreciative of western medicine and accepting its flaws and limitations. This state of mind would definitely be more helpful and less confusing or stressful than my previous judgmental, negative way of thinking, next time I have to see any doctor or take medication. Thank you, Bethany, for creating this important course.”

“I can honestly say doing The Work with Bethany has been nothing short of a miracle. All along the answer to my peace was inside of me and sometimes right in front of me. It just needed to be coaxed out of its hiding place with inquiry.”


$179 by January 25, $199 after


All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If you cancel before January 25th, your tuition will be refunded less a $25 processing fee. No refunds after January 25th.