Press Pause 7 Day Retreat, Lambay Island, Ireland

Press Pause 7 Day Retreat, Lambay Island, Ireland

October 22-29, 2021

Do you ever want to ‘Press Pause’ on your life?  If so, this seven-day retreat is for you. Carefully crafted for those who are working hard and find little time to look after themselves, this retreat offers an opportunity to focus deeply on mind, body and spirit and come away feeling not only rejuvenated, but also taking tools with you for ongoing self-care. 

The retreat offers a programme that gives participants an opportunity to reflect deeply on all aspects of how our thinking affects our lives – working on relationships, communication, shame, finances, body and stress.  Carefully designed, each day builds on the one before.  There will be space to move our bodies and enjoy the creative art of singing throughout our time together. Following a nutritious and delicious breakfast, we go on a silent walk in the beautiful nature of Lambay island.  We then gather for the day of identifying and questioning thoughts, tapping into the wisdom and freedom within – we take care of mind and body.  There is a lot of laughter and dance and some tears too – all emotions are welcome here. Through questioning our thoughts, self-realisation is possible and participants go home with a feeling of deep peace and joy together with the knowledge of how to support themselves in their lives.

A detox menu prepared with love by resident Island chef Lottie, supports us all to thoroughly cleanse our liver and our bodies as we sample a variety of healthy juices, three delicious meals each day and a surprise afternoon treat – plant-based, local organic whole food.  As well as eating this delicious food, we learn about the nutritional value of each meal and it’s benefits to our bodies.  We enjoy some sessions on health coaching and nutrition and participants take part in a cooking class so that when they go home, they have the knowledge to make changes in their lives. 

In between, there are beautiful spaces for silence, for walking, swimming and resting.

Mid-week, we take an outing to a remote and spiritual part of this beautiful island.

Taking place on the beautiful island of Lambay in Ireland.  A private island steeped in Viking history with incredible wildlife. It also boats a 16th century castle – check it out

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10am – 6.30pm (with 2 hour break)
6.5 hours every day

The isle of Lambay is the family seat of the Revelstoke branch of the Baring family and home to Lambay Irish Whiskey. It is owned and protected today by the Revelstoke Trust and daily management lies in the hands of Alex Baring (7th Baron Revelstoke), with support from the wider family.

Nestled in the Irish Sea just four miles off the coast of County Dublin, the island is a square mile in extent (660 acres), making it the largest island off the east coast of Ireland.

It is a paradise of fine architecture, birds, flowers, cattle, seals, fallow deer and even a mob of wallabies! The island is internationally important as a Natura 2000 site designated for its breeding seabirds and as home to the largest breeding colony of Atlantic Grey Seals on the east coast of Ireland. It holds a remarkable place in European natural history as the site of a pioneering biological investigation undertaken by the naturalist Robert Lloyd Praeger in 1906, as a mutual project with Cecil Baring, during which they found several new species including three earthworms, a bristletail and a mite.

Entirely off-grid and unattached to the mainland by so much as a cable or pipe, the island is partly run on energy generated by solar panels and a wind turbine that are rigged up to a complex battery system that baffles us at the best of times, but does the job well! The natural spring gives us fresh drinking water year round, which is also used in our very own island whiskey, aged in old cognac casks where they can breathe in the salty sea air.

The isle of Lambay

A range of prices depending on your preference from 1500euros pp sharing to 2150euros for private room.  Rates include tuition, accommodation, food, outing, transport from Malahide Marina to Lambay Island return. You are responsible for your own airfare and for your transport to Malahide Marina, Dublin.  


Room reservations are on a first-come basis. If you have to cancel and we are able to fill your spot with another participant, we will refund 50% of what you have paid. If you cancel and your spot cannot be filled, then you will lose your entire deposit.

If the retreat is cancelled by the retreat host or facilitators, all participants will receive a full refund. However, any travel expenses will NOT be reimbursed.