Uncover Your True Self • 6-month Online Inquiry Program

Uncover Your True Self • 6-month Online Inquiry Program


April 1 - September 30, 2020

"As you lose the filter that I call a story, you begin to hear yourself at a higher level. There’s a resonance that does not ever leave the center. You come to honor it because you realize you have no authentic life outside it." ~Byron Katie

Uncover Your True Self is a 6-month group inquiry based coaching program designed to uncover your True Self; the one you would be without your stories. Imagine living as love and approval within yourself, welcoming anything that arises with compassion.
In the intimate space of 6-8 participants you will receive in-depth personal guidance and the support of fellow truth finders. We will use:
The Work of Byron Katie Inquiry
Meditation & Mindfulness Practices

Topics we will dive into during the program:
* Dissolving self-critical beliefs ~ dismantling the old ego identity
* Questioning lists of proof and underlying beliefs
* Releasing past shame and regrets
* Identifying and being freed from fearful beliefs about life/God/Universe
* Questioning and seeing through “spiritual” stories

I am so grateful and excited to offer this program, it is based on my own inner journey of coming to real peace with myself, the woman/being called Helena. In the early eighties I started out on a spiritual quest fueled by my chronic low self-esteem and longing to feel good, to feel joy, to feel loved, to have the courage to create what I longed for in life. I was seduced by stories about enlightenment: a state of perpetual bliss! I wrote thousands of positive affirmations to cover up my shame and guilt.

I tried a LOT of crazy therapies and New Age modalities to try to improve myself. I sat at the feet of Indian gurus, I talked to the Spirit guides, I swam with the dolphins. Long story short; as I found inquiry and dissolved the roots of my pain: my harsh, critical belief system and the past incidents that locked it in place I was set free. Mind found a home in the heart and there was no longer any need to improve myself.

The program includes:
• 1 monthly group online call guided by Helena. (We will vote to find a day and time that works for all participants and time zones.)
• 1 monthly private session with Helena (at a time of your choosing).
• Weekly partner work with another participant (at a time both partners agree on.)
• Instructions for Daily Practices.
• Continual support in online classroom.
• Written materials and recordings of all sessions and group calls.
• Guided meditation recordings created by Helena.
• 1 Look Within class of your choice (can be taken once the 6-month program is completed, or during it, whatever works for you.)

About Presenters

Helena M

Helena has had a love affair with The Work since 2000. She became Certified in 2012 and is sharing The Work through seminars, retreats and on-line classes in the U.S and Europe. 

Additional Information

"I am so grateful that I have chosen to join this course. Doing T.W when you already feel good is giving me new dimensions. I think of a stressful occasion in everyday life and then take a trip back in time like Helena taught us. The judgmental thoughts seem to have stuck with me when I was 9-10 years old. I ask the four questions then and there with my inner girl. I uproot the cords to those painful memories. Then I return to the present moment and see what that might mean. It means great change; especially to stop being in the business of others, to be more free in myself. It's like the whole world's reviews of me buzzing in my ears my whole life has gotten quiet."

To register: lookwithininstitute.com
Or mail a check or money order to:
Look Within, P.O Box 137 North San Juan 95960 CA 

Cell: 530-913-0186 
Welcome to call or e-mail me with any questions.

Tuition: $198/month for 6 months. Due on the first of the month. First payment due before March 15, 2020. (You can set up automatic monthly payments via PayPal.)
$998 one-time prepayment due before March1 5th, 2020.


Cancellations: Cancellations must be sent in writing. For cancellation less 2 weeks (14 days) before program starts the tuition is non-refundable unless you can find a replacement participant to take your spot. If you leave the program before completion (September 30, 2020) your tuition is non-refundable.