The Work and EIQ: The Art of Emotional Resilience Teleclass Module 1

The Work and EIQ: The Art of Emotional Resilience Teleclass Module 1

 • Section A: Thursday, April 2nd – Thursday, April 23rd, 2020
4 Thursdays: 5pm — 8pm  PT (includes a 20-minute break)
• Section B: Friday, April 3rd – Friday, April 24th, 2020
4 Fridays: 7am – 10am PT (includes a 20-minute break)

The Work ends conflict in your life—with yourself and others.  It’s precise, scientific and opens your heart to the love that you are. 

What is EIQ? 

EI = Emotional Intelligence
IQ =  Inquiry
EIQ = Emotional Intelligence through Inquiry

To view the Course Outline for Modules 1-4, click here:

Module 1, The Work and EIQ Fundamentals

1. Preparation for Inquiry
2. Breathing Check-In
3. Tail-End Exercise
4. Turnaround for “Should” Statement / the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet
5. Moment of Impact (MOI) Exercise
6. List of Sensations
7. The Label is a Story

• Identify chronic negative emotions, (your emotional “buttons”);
• See how protecting and managing your “buttons” perpetuates pro-survival, negative thinking and judging (the Tail-End Protocol);
• Discover in your experience that it’s the way my mind interprets feelings that is the cause of suffering, and the cause of perpetual thinking;
• Do a cost-benefit analysis of habitual strategies to manage feelings;
• Discover your innate freedom to choose to stop using a strategy that has not worked;
• Learn how to effectively let feelings have their life, (TERA, the emotional resolve approach) once you see the wisdom to be the space for them instead of involving;
• Grow daily in the capacity to BE—be the space of pure consciousness, the sky-like presence in which all emotions occur as “inner weather.”

Successful completion of Module 1 is required to attend Module 2: Increasing Awareness.

Module 2, The Work and EIQ: Increasing Awareness

1. The Essence of TERA (the emotional resolve approach)
2. Facilitation: Giving and Receiving
3. TERA Facilitation Guide
4. TERA Reality Checks
5. The Energized Turnaround

• Fulfilling the living turnaround in relationship conflicts;
• Working with self-judgments.
• The Energized Turnaround: Practice freedom from being run by feelings on the cellular level (embodied awakening).

About Presenters

Elizabeth L

I have been facilitating The Work since 2003 and was Certified in February, 2008. My focus in inquiry is how to cultivate presence and realize the Self—that which is story-free and needs no story to Be. Facing and allowing the energetic charge of emotions to dissolve is what works for me and many of my clients to increase presence and grow into Being.

Additional Information

“I found freedom from five decades of suffering from my mother beliefs in just one session with Elizabeth. For the first time, I connected with pure Being and realized what it means, ‘space consciousness.’ This is a tremendous Work.” O.S. 

“One session was life-altering for me, all the pieces of my years-long studies with inquiry and being present, came together with her loving and expert guidance.” P. C. 

"I realized that the collection of sensations was mislabeled (society’s label) as defensiveness. It gave me great relief to let it flow past me and feel the sensations without the story…..I could just love the person I had previously felt the need to be “defensive” with and accept them as loving their story MORE than the truth and that was okay. I now feel compassion and love…..HUGE release for me…. thank you…After our last session I felt "this is the best hour-long session I've ever had with any teacher, therapist, trainer in my whole life”... and I wanted to thank you thank you thank you for that!!" S.P. 

“My private session with Elizabeth was the turning point... not only of the course but “the turning point” period…” D. L.

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Includes 1 free private session with Elizabeth, scheduled at your convenience ($175 value).
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