The Work and EIQ: The Art of Emotional Resilience Teleclass Module 3

The Work and EIQ: The Art of Emotional Resilience Teleclass Module 3

•Section A: Thursday, October 8th  – Thursday, October 29th   
4 Thursdays, 5 p.m. — 8 p.m.  PT (includes a 20-minute break)
•Section B: Friday, October 9th – Friday, October 30th    

4 Fridays, 7 a.m. – 10 a.m. PT (includes a 20-minute break)

The Work ends conflict in your life—with yourself and others.  It’s precise, scientific and opens your heart to the love that you are. 

What is EIQ? 

EI = Emotional Intelligence
IQ =  Inquiry
EIQ = Emotional Intelligence through Inquiry

To view the Course Outline for Modules 1-4, click here:

Module 3 The Work and EIQ: Advanced TERA

1. Living the Turnarounds
2. TERA Identity Check: “I am someone who is upset (angry, hurt, shamed, etc.)”—is it true?
3. Press-Pause-Button Protocol
4. Resistance Protocol
5. Holistic Resolving (jealousy, hate, rage)
6. The EIQ Toolkit

• Come to understand that feelings are a gift, that arise not to torture you but to awaken you to your true nature as imperturbable awareness;
• Discover experientially “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”
• Deepening into the Reality Check question by investigating the proof of the truth for the “someone.”

Successful completion of Module 3 is required to attend Module 4: Deepening Conviction

Module 4, The Work and EIQ: Deepening Conviction

1. Identifying and Working with Programs: Shock/Loss Protocol;
2. The Separation Program;
3. Deepening Conviction: What is Aware?
4. Recognize the 3 main “me-feeling” programs: wanting approval, wanting control and wanting safety, and fearing the loss of these programs;
5. Identify and work with wanting to be separate/fearing oneness;
6. Making conscious the sub-conscious desire to ignore, deny or overlook the presence of Being;
7. Increase the capacity to make new decisions about what “runs” in the sub-conscious.

About Presenters

Elizabeth L

I have been facilitating The Work since 2003 and was Certified in February, 2008. My focus in inquiry is how to cultivate presence and realize the Self—that which is story-free and needs no story to Be. Facing and allowing the energetic charge of emotions to dissolve is what works for me and many of my clients to increase presence and grow into Being.

Additional Information

“I found freedom from five decades of suffering from my mother beliefs in just one session with Elizabeth. For the first time, I connected with pure Being and realized what it means, ‘space consciousness.’ This is a tremendous Work.” O.S. 

“One session was life-altering for me, all the pieces of my years-long studies with inquiry and being present, came together with her loving and expert guidance.” P. C. 

"I realized that the collection of sensations was mislabeled (society’s label) as defensiveness. It gave me great relief to let it flow past me and feel the sensations without the story…..I could just love the person I had previously felt the need to be “defensive” with and accept them as loving their story MORE than the truth and that was okay. I now feel compassion and love…..HUGE release for me…. thank you…After our last session I felt "this is the best hour-long session I've ever had with any teacher, therapist, trainer in my whole life”... and I wanted to thank you thank you thank you for that!!" S.P. 

“My private session with Elizabeth was the turning point... not only of the course but “the turning point” period…” D. L.

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