Sacred Boundaries: Honouring our deepest truth in relation

Sacred Boundaries: Honouring our deepest truth in relation

March 7-8, 2020
10 AM - 5 PM (both days)

What does it mean to give not just an honest `no’ but a heartfelt one? How might we receive an honest `no’ with equal grace? How do we stay in our integrity and act without losing loving connections in the process? Where do `you’ end and `I’ begin?

When we are unable to communicate and establish clear boundaries we either overcompensate and violate our own limits or we end up infringing upon others’. The former engenders anger and resentment within us, both towards ourselves and others, and with the latter we end up at the receiving end of that.

The great Chinese philosophical text, the Tao Te Ching, talks of action that is devoid of action (“the sage acts by doing nothing”). How might we arrive at such an effortless way of being that is free from all suffering and yet in a relational world loves and enjoys everything? This is the deep and very relevant question that the two-day workshop, Sacred Boundaries, will explore in a practical way through The Work of Byron Katie.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to The Work. We will then deep dive into what are some of the practical issues we face when communicating our boundaries with our loved ones, our boss and co-workers, and/or out in the world. If we have already experienced boundary violations, we will take a look at those same situations with fresh eyes and see what wisdom we might glean from them that we can carry into the future with us. Participants will be introduced to the `Judge-Your-Neighbour’ worksheet which will serve as an aid in this exploration.

Understanding our own boundaries and those of others can help clarify our heart’s deepest desires and expand our ability to honour those of others’. We may arrive at the conclusion that all our needs are in fact being met at every instance and we may discover a deep respect and gratitude for what is.

Your facilitator has been immersed in The Work since 2012 and can give you first-hand guidance as to how to go about doing The Work on your own. She first came to The Work as a result of problems in the area of romantic relationships and love addiction. She is immensely grateful that she no longer suffers as a result of unhealthy attachment to a person.

About Presenters

Jaishree S

Jaishree holds an MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. Her journey with The Work began in March 2012, with her first 9-day School for The Work. She is currently a student of music and is learning to listen better. Jaishree lives in Chennai, a city in South India renowned for its rich culture, particularly its musical tradition. If you suffer, she is willing to offer the gift of silence in inquiry.

Additional Information

"From seeing and participating in Jaishree's workshop, you get a deep sense of how much she is committed to this process and applies it in her own life - her facilitation comes from a place of authenticity and openness. I am grateful to have been introduced to `The Work of Byron Katie' by her to shed light on my own patterns of negative thinking. I enjoyed observing Jaishree’s facilitation as it showed how the process works with experience.” - KG

"I had a few sessions with Jaishree. In these sessions she introduced me to The Work and we worked on some trauma from my early childhood. It helped me to release a lot of pain and old thinking patterns that were not useful anymore. Jaishree was a very kind, open hearted and professional guide on this very emotional journey for me. I highly appreciated being accompanied by her. Please kindly consider to book her for your workshops and coachings." - K

“Simple questions introduce you to your true self. Powerful technique to find your life purpose. Jaishree’s workshop and (coaching) session has been very effective.” - SA

“It was great for me to realise the huge part of problems that was made up in my mind! I will consider things/life/issues differently now :). The workshop was well-organised, varied, and clear.” - F

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Sanghamitra Centre for Wellbeing, Injambakkam (East Coast Road), Chennai

₹10,000 (approx. 140 USD)
Early bird offer (valid till 8th of February, 2020): ₹8,000

Lodging (shared accommodation with breakfast at the event venue): ₹2000 per night (approx. 30 USD) 


All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If your cancellation is received nine (9) days in advance of the workshop, your tuition will be refunded less a ₹2000 (approx. 30 USD) processing fee. If you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.