The Work of Byron Katie: From Conflict to Peace With Your One Precious Life

The Work of Byron Katie: From Conflict to Peace With Your One Precious Life

June 2-7, 2020

Welcome to six days to relax your mind, heart, body and soul in deep self-inquiry, in the most gorgeous, unique spa retreat center, with an incredible group of co-investigators including two practiced and experienced facilitators of retreats in The Work.

Breitenbush Hot Springs. The Work of Byron Katie. You. Other Inquirers. Your loved one (if they choose to attend with you)….A time in early summer for retreat and going inward, and coming out with a new perspective and a new way of working with stressful thinking and conflict of any kind with your life.

This powerful time gathers you and fellow travelers on a wonderful journey of looking at what brings you angst, worry, anger, fury, sleeplessness, depression and sorrow. No issue is too big or too small for inquiry. 

Even if you’ve worked with investigation, perhaps a thousand times (as the poet Rumi says) we dive into the thinking, and question it with The Work. 

Our mission is Peace. By showing up, you bring it on.

What are your fears and disappointments? Where is your suffering? Do you find yourself at odds in an important predicament in your life? 

All you need to bring is your open mind. Tom and Grace will help you every step of the way, from the very first stage of identifying what seems to cause the greatest pain internally for you….all the way through the four questions and into the turnarounds and how to live them in new ways you may have never thought possible. 

If you’re familiar with The Work, you’ll get hours of refined, precise, clarifying investigation into your personal inner world. 

If you’re stuck in a repetitive situation or belief that won’t budge, you’ll get insight and reflection from sticking with it for six well-lit summer days. 

We’ll look with you.

If you’re brand new to The Work, we start from the very beginning with the very first step and move from there. You’ll know how to do The Work with yourself and with others, when you leave.

What is extra special about Breitenbush?

All is taken care of for you in your physical surroundings to make your time the most effective, concentrated, and powerful: 

1) Three organic, home-cooked, vegetarian, simple and varied meals per day. No caffeine, no alcohol, no meat, no additives. (You can bring these, if you like, but they aren’t served by Breitenbush).

2) Your choice of sleeping quarters with a wide range of offerings from cozy private cabins, comfortable lodge rooms, to dorms—pick your preferred price range. 

3) Natural hot springs with sacred pools for silent or quiet soaking, the sound of rushing river. Body work is available to you to arrange, and we leave gaps in our schedule for you to do so if you choose. 

4) No cell phone service, no internet. Wow! This can really help those of us tied to our media to unhitch completely and enter Full Inquiry. 

Breitenbush Retreat Center is located in eastern Oregon in a lush mountain range. Natural soaking pools offer relaxation and healing, along with bodywork sessions of your choice. Clothing is optional in the pools (not anywhere else).

Together for our days and nights together, we will gather in a group to learn The Work, do inquiry, pair up in partner inquiry, use experiential exercises, and have a movement practice on Saturday night (optional) to move the body in this work as well as the mind.

Brand new beginners are welcome, as well as those advanced and well-practiced in The Work. Everyone is welcome and everyone will find their own answers, no matter where you are in your journey of discovery of a Peaceful Reality.

Partnered and coupled people are very welcome, and you can choose to do The Work with your significant Other, your family member, or your close friend present in the same workshop. 

About Presenters

Thomas C
Grace B

Grace Bell, is a Certified Facilitator of The Work and has applied it to nearly every stressful experience she’s ever encountered. She has identified stressful thinking about relationships with her kids, sisters, parents and neighbors, with divorce, cancer, death of loved ones, loss of money, heartbreak. She came out of every difficult situation a freer human accompanied by The Work, and feels the joyous continuous expansion of life as truly miraculous. Grace works full-time as a facilitator, with special attention on Eating Peace and addiction recovery, gently meeting reality even when it appears traumatic with compassion and acceptance. Grace has staffed 4 schools for The Work since her first school in 2005 and has practiced the work almost-daily for 15 years. 

Thomas Compton, working globally with individuals, groups, and organizations. He's had the privilege of sitting with thousands of people from all walks of Life, applying this simple yet profound process. Tom has had a daily practice in The Work for the last 18 years and has staffed over 25 of Byron Katie's 9-day and 14-day School's since 1999. He works full-time as a facilitator, offering the invitation to discover how The Work can awaken a kind, loving presence within.

Additional Information

Tuesday evening through Sunday lunch.

The abundant Breitenbush hot springs have long been a destination for those seeking healing, rejuvenation and community. Nestled in the ancient forest approximately 45 miles east of Salem, Oregon, with a pristine river and inviting hot springs, Breitenbush is a place of timeless beauty where connection with the natural world is both vast and intimate. Nearest airport is Portland, Oregon International. A ride-share board is posted electronically for Breitenbush visitors, but for this retreat we will also help people pair up who wish to rent a car together or share a longer distance uber ride. 

All mental health practitioners may earn 37 CEUs for attending this retreat (from the Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work) through Grace Bell. Call 503-854-3320 (9-4 Mon.-Sat.). All registration, travel information, logistics, meals, accommodations are handled through Breitenbush Conference Center. 

Grace Bell 206-650-1230

Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon

$795 (early bird $695 by April 1st, 2020)

Approximately $85 to $167 per day (includes 3 organic meals/day). Please call Breitenbush to discuss options: camping, platform tent, shared cabin, dorm, cabin with bath. Private cabins also available—please ask Breitenbush for all your options. 


Managed through Breitenbush.