Unbelieving the Universals: Exploring Universal Beliefs Through The Work

Unbelieving the Universals: Exploring Universal Beliefs Through The Work

6 Sundays: September 13 - October 18, 2020
9-10:30am PT

Some thoughts are so common that (almost) everyone thinks them. (Almost) Everyone believes they are true. And (almost) everyone suffers from believing them:

• I’m not good enough.
• I need more money.
• The world isn’t a safe place.
• Something terrible is going to happen.

Katie calls these “Universal Beliefs,” and she has given us a beautiful list of them, available at thework.com.

I love doing The Work on the Universals. As a facilitator, I work with these beliefs so often that many of them feel like old friends. I especially love that when we do The Work on Universal Beliefs, EVERYONE who believes that thought gets the benefit! We are lifting the collective load of the entire planet. How cool is that?

In this class:
- Participants will identify 12 beliefs from the list that reflect strong personal beliefs.
- We will work on the 12 beliefs that get the most votes.
- We will do The Work on two beliefs each week, one in class, and one for homework with an assigned partner.

In-class work will incorporate popcorn sessions, breakout sessions, and client-facilitator demonstrations. 

About Presenters

Becky M

Becky Miller is a Certified Facilitator who retired to spend the rest of her life “playing” in The Work. Her fun and lighthearted approach makes The Work accessible for individuals, groups, and families.

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“This class (“I Don’t Know What to Do”) gives you an opportunity to explore a deep fear. Becky, the facilitator, is warm and friendly. She made the class feel open and light but still deep and insightful. I highly recommend this fun class!”

“Becky is an excellent facilitator with a lot of experience.  Practicing The Work under her guidance was mind opening and fun.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to take this course where we investigated "I don’t know what to do."  It helped me to fully experience and accept the reality of this stress and completely transform it into peace and harmony.”

“I’ve taken so much from this course with Becky. It was a great opportunity to explore and see the fearful future thoughts that were holding me back and causing me so much stress.”

Becky Miller
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