Unbelieving The Universals: Exploring Universal Beliefs Through The Work

Unbelieving The Universals: Exploring Universal Beliefs Through The Work

6 Sundays: March 21 - April 25, 2021
11am-12:30pm MST

A few thoughts from Katie’s List of Universal Beliefs seem to apply to these painful and confusing times:
- They should agree with me.
- I know what they are thinking.
- People shouldn’t be angry.
- (Those) People are not trustworthy.
- People should listen to me.
- The world isn’t a safe place.

The only way to end the madness we see played out in the media is to challenge the beliefs that would have us hate each other and turn our backs on those we love because we disagree with them. 

If we want a safer world, we must first create a safe space within our own minds. This class helps you create that safe space through miracle of The Work. 

About Presenters

Becky M

Becky Miller is a Certified Facilitator who retired to spend the rest of her life “playing” in The Work. Her fun and lighthearted approach makes The Work accessible for individuals, groups, and families.

Additional Information

“Great experience and Becky is such a joy to be around, she keeps me engaged and keeps me going just from her energy. Highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to wake up and deal with themselves and cultivate some love.” - Class Participant

“What worked for me was how much fun this class was! It let us dive into the deep work as individuals and also enjoy collective AHA! moments as a group. I gleaned a lot from Becky's talent with turnarounds. It really expanded how I do the Work.” - Class Participant

Becky Miller
(928) 600-1299 (cell)



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