Inquiry Practice Group

Inquiry Practice Group

4 Saturdays: Mar 27 – Jun 26, 2021
11am-12:30pm MT (10-11:30am PT)

The Inquiry Practice Group is an opportunity to take the tools of The Work to a deeper level! We will incorporate sections of Byron Katie’s book, I Need Your Love, Is That True?, along with practice of the exercises, to help integrate the inquiry practice into your life.

The 3-month curriculum serves as an introduction to all aspects of The Work: readings, self-inquiry, partner inquiry, group work, and online resources including the Helpline.

Live Zoom meetings are once per month as a group, interspersed with weekly assignments and ongoing contact with MeeMee.

Please ensure you have a copy of the book, I Need Your Love, Is That True? prior to March 27.

Dates of live meetings (*subject to change):
March 27
April 24
May 22
June 26

Enrollment is limited to 8 participants.

About Presenters

MeeMee L

MeeMee works with all ages using the tools from The Work in her daily person and professional practices. As one of many whose life was transformed by the inquiry process, she is dedicated to supporting others who desire freedom from the stories that rule our lives.

Additional Information


$5-$20 donation (100% goes to the Institute for The Work)


All donations are non-refundable and greatly appreciated.