Waking up to the LOVE of your life..... YOU.

Waking up to the LOVE of your life..... YOU.

February 10-14, 2022
8am-11am PST / 4pm-7pm Irish/UK (plus partner work after each session)

A Retreat for the Relationship-Weary, Lonely, Conflicted

Relationships can be complicated. We communicate, share, and interact with others our whole lives. Those we’ve loved both support us, and challenge us deeply.

Romantic relationships are some of the most complicated. Especially when they change. The disappointment, bitterness, grief, anger and shame can feel immense, and sometimes follow us for years....affecting future relationships.

We can learn to be happy and restore inner strength and trust. The way through? By questioning our painful beliefs about ourselves and our partners with The Work of Byron Katie.

What is possible? Resilience, rest, restoration of love, trust, ability to move on, dissolving fear and bitterness, meeting shame and self-stigma with love, being happy with you. When you find clarity within--no matter what has happened in your relationship--you are no longer dependent on the other for peace. Relationships may be broken, but you are not.

This course offers:
• How to work with your inner world so your outer world becomes easier
• Improved communication
• Learn how to break up or divorce with love and be a model for others
• Use pain to find freedom
• Dissolve guilt, shame and self-criticism
• Feel love and trust about your future

Session Three: SADNESS & LOSS
Session Four: FEAR, TERROR & LOSS

About Presenters

Grace B
Nadine F

Additional Information

"I don't know that you will find two more beautiful, compassionate and loving souls than Nadine and Grace. Their relationship retreat was very well organized and articulated, and the follow up work at the end of each session brought it all home in a most meaningful way. I felt completely safe, listened to and honored the entire retreat. Since the retreat I have noticed several shifts in my closest relationships with loved ones."

“At first I struggled to make the investment but I got so much more out of it than I expected and really feel like it has helped me to move on. It has given me the basic tools that I need to question my own thinking and assumptions and to let stuff go in a way that really does serve my highest potential. It also helped me to act on certain things that I did not have the courage to before. Sometimes doing this is harder than staying in that place of resentment and inaction. As Nadine said ‘resentment is really like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to suffer’ yet we are the only ones who keep suffering. I guess the pain is sometimes inventible but we have to try and reduce the suffering which IS optional. Thank you for all the pearls of wisdom Nadine and Grace and for showing me another way. I am very grateful to both of you and all the amazing women who dared to question and share so openly.” ~ Sophie, Zimbabwe, 2019  

“I love how calming you are Grace. Your ability to translate what we were thinking and rephrase concepts to be more accurate was very helpful and allowed me to dive into the work in an accurate way. I now know that is one thing that has held me back (the thoughts I wrote down were too broad). thank you, thank you”. ~Sam, US, 2019  

“Nadine, you are amazing. Your ability to put yourself in my shoes (all of our shoes!) was impressive. Your calming and uplifting way of presenting the concepts and using the turn arounds to dive into our thoughts helped me a great deal. thank you, thank you” ~ Sam, US, 2019  

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We will also use SLACK as our online forum during the retreat

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