Afraid of Wanting • Meeting my Desires with Unconditional Love

Afraid of Wanting • Meeting my Desires with Unconditional Love

Wednesdays: February 9 - March 16, 2022
6-7:30pm Zurich Time

Until recently, I’ve spend most of my life afraid of what I want. 

As a kid I picked up concepts like “earthly desires are sinful” And “if you experience too much pleasure, expect to be punished”. In partnership, I experience how, “my most intimate needs were used against me”. After I left that relationship and started unwrapping suffering with The Work, I was astonished how much effort it exerted to argue itself out of what it wanted. The cherry on top of my debilitation was Byron Katie’s quote “How of I know that I don’t need what I want? I don’t have it” was the. Confusingly, it didn’t matter what I wanted: peace, a car, financial security, freedom, support, happiness, you name it and it found reasons to argue itself out of it. 

As I started addressing the fears that showed up when wanting, blocking those wants left me, a beautiful bold new vision developed, supportive structures were created, easy clear instructions began to be received, aligned with my true nature, connected with my environment, and vision was embodied.

This eCourse is about sharing this journey with you. 

In this 6 week course we:
• inquire into the fears that hang out below the surface and keep that relationship with wanting as something unnatural, bad, untrustworthy, dangerous, and plain out toxic.
• explore wanting and instructions.
• meet the worst that can happen when we do not have what we want with unconditional love.
• practice leaning into what we want; kindly, gently, wisely, and on this intimate level support ourselves on our journey out of suffering.
• witness the strategies we have developed to keep us out of taking what we want seriously.
• meet our true nature and intimacy support that what we want.

Who would you be unconditionally supporting yourself with your desires?  

Welcome to your inner awakening.
This is a Live Online eCourse. We meet once a week. This eCourse is only offered once this calendar year. To support you in your process, partner work is provided. Experience with The Work of Byron Katie / Inquiry Based Stress Reduction is not required and is recommended. With questions and for clarity, please email me any questions. 

About Presenters

Tammy K

The Work came into Tammy’s life in 2013. It took her from the brink of existence back into the middle of life. Along the way, she left no rock unturned. Since then, Tammy is sharing The Work in academic institutions, leading social projects, is an international bestselling author, and supports high profile clients to move from their A to their B, softly, smoothly, and as kindly as possible. 

More about Tammy:

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Wednesdays: February 9th, 16th, 23rd; March, 2nd, 9th, 16th 2022
6 - 7:30pm Zurich Time
12 -1:30pm New York Time
9 -10:30am California Time

“Tammy is helping me recover from narcissistic abuse and given me one on one training in "The Work". She is clear, insightful, and provides excellent training in this practice. I feel better, more empowered to face the challenges ahead as I am learning to be active this daily skill. I look forward each week to spending time in "the work" with Tammy and I am having insights that are changing my life. Without traditional goal setting, I have lost weight, left an abusive relationship, moved to safety all within 3 months! She's wonderful!  Tammy' s skills have served healing specific to my recovery from emotional and violent abuse. I recommend her highly to you." - Kathryn

"Tammy, you are such a kind-hearted and full of love. Your laughter, your being radiates so much goodness and love. I felt very comfortable with you from the first second. Thank you for being you." - Esther

"Tammy is a sensitive and competent facilitator, who leads the course super with her calm and level-headed manner. She always takes the time to help with difficulties, even outside the course." - Carmen

To register: send an Email titled “Afraid of Wanting: with the Work of Byron Katie, Meeting my Desires with Unconditional Love” to She will send you payment link. Your space is confirmed when your payment has gone through. 

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279.00 CHF
Early registerees are rewarded with an Early Bird rebate of 39.00 CHF, making the full course costs: 240.00 CHF
Early Bird prices are available December 31st.  



Cancellations must be made in writing and sent per email. Refunds will be offered until January 26th, no refunds after January 26th unless we are able to fill your spot in which case your tuition will be refunded less a $30 processing fee. If you do not send advance notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the eCourse early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.