For the Love of Shame

For the Love of Shame

6 Mondays: May 16 - June 20, 2022
9:30 - 11am CET

This course allows you to slowly and gently have peace with your most shameful thoughts. By making the hidden visible, we will discover their true nature and their true power. Only when we are able to meet them with love, compassion and understanding, can they loosen their grip.

Week 1: Descending
Week 2: Facing
Week 3: Judging
Week 4: Sharing
Week 5: Understanding
Week 6: Loving

What we offer:
- 6 online 90-minutes group sessions on a weekly basis
- a sacred, safe group (online and offline)
- a private, online platform for sharing
- weekly pairing up for homework

What we expect from you:
- full participation
- open and honest sharing during online sessions
- confidentiality and respect towards others in the course
- commitment to attend all sessions (there will be no recordings!)

Note: This course will only take place with a minimum of 6 participants. And it has a maximum of 12 participants.

About Presenters

Nanou Anne E
Marijke T

Nanou Anne Evrard, certified facilitator, has been doing The Work for 6 years, French and English spoken. She studied Non-Violent Communication, Nutritional Profiling, Introspect, and Intuitive Communication with Animals.

Marijke Tops, certified facilitator, has been passionately doing The Work for 8 years. She studied mindfulness and A course in Miracles. She is practicing meditation, breathwork, family constellation and dancing.

Additional Information

Six Mondays from May 16th to June 20th, 2022 for 90 minutes at
- 9:30am CET
- 2.30pm GMT+7
- 5.30pm AEST

What people say about this workshop:

"This course is amazing. Facing your shameful thoughts and bringing them out into the light is so powerfully healing."

"I’d suggest this class to anybody who wants heal from painful experiences that have been long buried by shame and secrecy.”

"I entered this course with no real expectation of change (having worked on this issue for many years)... but during this course, something clicked. There was a realization that beneath the shame & judgment of myself, there was an innocence of intention. I was able to offer compassion to that part of myself and say, "It's not your fault." Learning to accept this part of myself is a completely novel concept as I've always just fought it- but fighting it never worked. Fighting was not helpful because fighting isn't healing. I leave this course with a renewed sense of self-acceptance and self-love."

“If you are looking for the real deal for inner freedom, then give yourself the gift of this course. This course will give you everything you need to journey inwards to your beautiful self in the gift of safety. You will travel from shameful to shameless and if you are open to it, you will see with your mind’s eye what the gift of shame has to offer you”

Marijke Tops, certified facilitator of The Work
Facebook: Unravel – Question the mind

Nanou Anne Evrard, certified facilitator of The Work
Facebook: The Work Conscience Bienveillante

Early bird: € 195 (before April 25th, 2022)
Normal price: € 235 (on and after April 25th, 2022)

Registration confirmed by full payment of the seminar.
- By Paypal: (use ‘pay to a friend’ or add the transfer costs to your amount please)
- Or by bank: NL74RABO0126608555 (M.C.J. Tops in the Netherlands)


Cancellation by the participant two weeks before the start of the seminar qualifies for a refund of the full amount minus € 35 for administrative costs. Cancellation by the participant less than two weeks before the start of the seminar qualifies for a deferral of the amount towards another seminar. Cancellation of the seminar by us if less than 6 registered participants qualifies for a full refund.