Self-Love Series

Self-Love Series

6 Wednesdays: July 13 - August 17, 2022
12-1:30pm MST (Colorado Time)

Ready for a little more self-lovin’ in your life?

Join a playful, intimate journey into unraveling the BS (Belief Systems) that blocks you from rocking your natural state of peace, joy, and creativity.

Embracing a powerful process of inquiry called The Work of Byron Katie, we will gift ourselves the time and space to meet our challenges, painful emotions, and self-judgments with an open mind and heart. We’ll focus on three areas: relationships, body, and self-criticism.

This 6-week online series includes weekly 90-minute live sessions, inquiry, meditation, yoga, partner work, self-love exercises, an engaging online forum, and a loving and supportive community. All sessions are recorded and are yours to keep so you can continue to integrate these healing practices into your life. 

“Just keep coming home to yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.” –Byron Katie

About Presenters

Bethany W

As a Mindset Coach, Author, and Cancer Thriver, my mission is to find freedom with everything life brings. Always intrigued by the relationship between the Mind & Body, I love exploring how our beliefs affect our emotions, physical sensations, and overall health & wellbeing. These tools have provided me with a compassionate inner support system, especially during my current journey healing stage IV breast cancer. It all leads me back to self-love. My greatest passion is helping others find the same freedom through online classes, coaching, and my book baby: My Guru Cancer

Additional Information

"Wow! I don't have enough words to express my gratitude, how touched I feel, and how important this has been for me. I felt listened to, heard, and stretched into not only understanding how lovable I am, we are, but feeling it deeply also. The exercises were great, class sharing was awesome, and the support was critical for me. Bethany was insightful, guiding, sincere, and present to each of us with clear knowledge and gentleness. And good humor. Thank you!" – Joshanna

"I feel one of the greatest gifts I got from this course was living more in the moment. It taught me how to identify deeper feelings and beliefs in the moment, so I can shift them to something more empowering. Bethany is a wonderful facilitator and I highly recommend taking this class with her to everyone!"– Rita

"Bethany is a superb facilitator. Her loving kindness and patience enabled me to feel relaxed and at ease during the six weeks especially never having met the other women before." – Ellen

"I just loved how Bethany broke down the series with looking at relationships, our bodies, our inner critic, etc. It really encompassed self-love as a whole. My personal favourite was looking more closely at my inner critic and identifying the thoughts. I found the course to be very gentle but at the same time very insightful." – Maria

Bethany Webb

$249 by June 13, $299 after


All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If you cancel before June 13, your tuition will be refunded less a $50 processing fee. If you cancel after June 13, you can transfer your space to a future event with Bethany minus the $50 registration fee. No refunds or transfers after class has begun.