Finding Peace in Conflict

Finding Peace in Conflict

June 11, 2022
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm PT

You experience a conflictual relationship with someone close to you - be it with a child, parent, family member, friend, or colleague - and, despite your good intentions, you cannot find a resolution with them.

You feel triggered by them as if they precisely knew which button to push.

You see yourself reacting emotionally, making you even angrier for not being able to keep your calm in the situation.

You have close ties with them, and, somehow, you cannot walk away and never see them again.

It exhausts you. You wish you knew what to do to make the conflict disappear.

How do you find peace in conflict? In this one-day workshop, we will explore the source of conflict, see how it's created in the first place, and find our way back to our peaceful nature.

"Peace doesn't require two people: It requires only one. It has to be you." - Byron Katie

About Presenters

Judith P
Catherine T

Judith Pfeiffer is a classical pianist with a doctorate in piano performance and a certified facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie. She offers continuous workshops on stage fright and performance anxiety to music students at the University of Memphis and focuses on facilitating couples.

Catherine Tremblay is a former lawyer and a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, practicing self-inquiry since 2009. Catherine is a dedicated seeker of truth. She is passionate about deepening the realization of our essential nature beyond thought and conditioning so we can live a more peaceful and happier life. She offers workshops in The Work and facilitates individuals to help them break free from their stressful thoughts.

Additional Information

Saturday, June 11th 2022
BLOCK 1 (3 hours)
• 9 am to 12 pm Pacific Time
• 11 am to 2 pm Central Time
• Noon to 3 pm Eastern Time
• 6 pm to 9 pm Central European Time

BLOCK 2 (3 hours)
• 1 pm to 4 pm Pacific Time
• 3 pm to 6 pm Central Time
• 4 pm to 7 pm Eastern Time
• 10 pm to 1 am Central European Time

"It was the first time I joined a group call for The Work where I actually participated, and I'm so glad I did. The Letting Go workshop with Judith and Catherine was very healing, and inspiring, and also fun. The environment felt very safe, and I loved how we all just dove right into our vulnerabilities, and helped each other work through it. It was a lovely group of ladies to get to know. Judith authentically and meaningfully shared her worksheet in our breakout session which was a great way to role model that The Work is a lifelong process for all of us, and it belongs on paper. It was inspiring to me. Catherine was so empathetic and kind and helped me work through my worksheet, and made me think about things differently, which has resonated with me ever since. Catherine and Judith made an excellent team as facilitators." - Malini

"Exercises/activities/prompts used by Catherine and Judith in their offering provided the space and opportunity to calm (slow down) my mind and connect with me. The retreat was well planned. I, as a participant , was taken care of in a friendly and welcoming setting. The guidance received helped me to re-evaluate the feelings and thoughts around intimacy and vulnerability in multiple relationships around me and most importantly with myself. It was evident from both the instructors’ active engagement that their wisdom and intention (to share) were rooted in their vast experience of personal growth (of their own self as well as others)." - A.I.

"Judith and Catherine, you prepared us a place where our "mind had a place to come home with itself," where it was simply welcome in the space of openness to all that is and where it had the chance to experience all that life presents, where nothing had to be avoided. You have been there to give light on the way, where my mind didn't see clear anymore and turned around in itself, while it had forgotten how well doing it is to be open to experience. Thank you so much for this experience." - Maria

"Judith and Catherine are a delight to attend a workshop with. They are very gentle, supportive, and warm. They structure the time well and productively. They help create a safe environment where all is welcome. They are humble and openly share their own work. They include all participants and help each one work deeply and with presence. I highly recommend them as dedicated and open-minded co-facilitators." - N.L. (Catherine Tremblay) (Judith Pfeiffer) (The Work With Judith Website) (Registration Link)


$190 CA ($150 US $)


All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If your cancellation is received five (5) days in advance of the workshop, your tuition will be refunded less a [$_25____] (see examples below) processing fee. If you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.