Summer Camp For The Mind Virtual Zoom Jams: 6 weeks of The Work this summer from wherever you are, come to 1 or all 30 sessions

Summer Camp For The Mind Virtual Zoom Jams: 6 weeks of The Work this summer from wherever you are, come to 1 or all 30 sessions

July 20-August 28, 2020

Summer Camp Daily Schedule:
Mondays 9am-10am PT
Tuesdays 5pm-6pm PT
Wednesdays Noon-1:00 pm PT
Thursdays 3pm-4pm PT
Fridays 7:45-9:15 am PT

Many Summer Campers pick a “home” group, but you’re welcome to attend any group, any time (30 sessions total).

Call in using zoom (you are welcome to have video on or off and microphone on or off). Bring your open mind, a pen and paper, and get ready to question your stressful thinking!

Ready for a summer time inquiry adventure? Wanting some guidance in self-inquiry with a group of wonderful people, but not with an enormous commitment or expectation? Join Summer Camp and dial in for free from anywhere in the world. We gather on zoom. (It’s easy).

This is a powerful opportunity to receive assistance in your inquiry. You can be very new and unpracticed. You can be a long-term expert with inquiry. But you know the power of the group energy, receiving facilitation, and giving yourself the gift of time to inquire can change….everything. 

Question your thinking, change your summer.

The basic format of these calls is one person volunteers to begin, they read their Judge Your Neighbor worksheet (you’ll learn how if you don’t’ already know) and those willing and able will take the summer “hot” seat. We start with one simple, stressful belief. Everyone gets to follow along, meditate on this belief in your own life experience, and walk it through inquiry. 

The person doing this work receives facilitation with Grace, then the concept is opened up to other participants for their responses too, if they choose to also question this stressful thought. 

Through many years now of experience running online groups, Grace has learned some of the most simple methods for listening and participating most smoothly. Anyone on the call has the option to join the inquiry by raising their hand. Grace calls on those who raise their hands, and you can listen-only and receive great benefit.

Participants who choose to follow along live, using the process and energy of the group to work their own inquiry, can mute themselves and also can communicate with Grace via chat. We share on a private “secret” forum together as well in between sessions. Anyone can offer their questions and their work in writing for everyone to see, if they want support.  

All technology will become simple, and everything will be explained well for everyone who joins. Anyone can use a phone or their computer to join the calls from anywhere in the world, for free.

About Presenters

Grace B

Grace Bell, MA has worked with her own mental journey for over 30 years, studying it from all angles. She has a graduate degree in Applied Behavioral Science and works with people from all over the world who experience discomfort from their repetitive and stressful thinking. Her original and most painful addictive pattern was with food and eating, which she experienced as violence in the form of bulimia and anorexia. She has done the work on having cancer, getting divorced, experiencing betrayal, losing a friend, the death of her father, dating, running a business and all aspects of money, and enlightenment and spiritual seeking. She loved summer camp as a kid. This only continues the fun!!

Additional Information


To register visit this link and click the paypal button (you do not need to use paypal, you may use any card: or send the tuition to Grace Bell, Work With Grace, 17102 Brentwood Place NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155. 

Sliding scale $150-$500. Come to three sessions or every single one. Mark your calendar, dial or use your computer to connect. You do The Work.

For more information write to


If you need to cancel before July 20th, you will receive a full refund of 100% of your contribution. After July 20th, you can receive a refund less $50 for admin work for 2 whole weeks. After August 1st we are underway and there is no refund.