Who is I?

Who is I?

6 Sundays: August 29 - October 10, 2021
10-11:30am PT
*no class on September 19

“Who is I?” is a six-session  online class. Together we will question what we believe to be our core identity: I. 

Who is this I, claiming to have physical existence in time and space, arguing about cause and effect, telling others how they should treat them, feeling less than or more than, taking credit for having done this and that and yet desperately fearing to be exposed as an imposter?

We will invite our minds to tell us who we supposedly are, what we fear, what we want and need, and what would make us happy. The focus will include the I-sense in our bodies, and images of self and others. 

Let’s dive deep into this inquiry, and let’s play together!

This online class is for people with experience in The Work.

About Presenters

Aafke Satyananda H

Her journey with The Work began in 2010, with her first 9-day School for The Work in LA. Since her certification in 2013 she offers The Work on an almost fulltime basis in Amsterdam and in France, for groups, individuals and couples. In France she has a house called In the Heart of Silence, where she offers the gift of inquiry to individuals, couples and other small groups of people. 

Additional Information

"I have done a couple of private sessions and different workshops with Aafke, and each time I am in awe of how deep we are diving once again. Aafke is truly living The Work. She has lots of experience, and she has really helped me to dive deeper, to track down underlying beliefs and to see through blind spots. I can recommend her workshops, and I’ll be the first to join her next one!"
Karin H., Amsterdam

"Since I’ve been following workshops and sessions with Aafke, my life has changed in a number of ways. Everything seems more effortless. I also feel more connected to myself and other people."
Anna D., Utrecht

"I can truly recommend Aafke. She knows how to put the finger on the sore spot. She is a fearless facilitator. I feel very safe in her presence."
Jasper van K.

"It was very special to do The Work in her house in France. Aafke is present, patient and utterly supportive. She has been guiding me through memories of extremely traumatic events in my life, and I have found relief in a way that is beyond all understanding. I can truly recommend her as a facilitator."



$180 per person


All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If your cancellation is received seven (7) days in advance of the teleclass, your tuition will be refunded less a $25 processing fee. If you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.