I Don’t Know What to Do

I Don’t Know What to Do

May 15 - June 19, 2021           
Saturdays: 9-10:30am MST

“I Don’t Know What to Do”

Please join me as we unpeel the layers of this fearful thought and discover how it is the key to surviving and thriving in these challenging times. 

Session Titles: 

    1:  I Don’t Know What to Do.

    2:  I Need to Know What to Do.

       3:  I Need to Do it Right.

       4:  I’ll Be Punished If I Do It Wrong.

       5:  I’m Stuck! And I Don’t Know What to Do.

       6:  I Know What You Should Do.

About Presenters

Becky M

Becky Miller is a Certified Facilitator whose passion is “playing” in The Work. She says, “Nothing is more fun than turning tears into laughter. It is a miracle, every time!” Becky’s lighthearted approach makes The Work accessible for individuals, groups, and families. 

Additional Information

Comments from class participants:

“This class gives you an opportunity to explore a deep fear. Becky, the facilitator, is warm and friendly. She made the class feel open and light but still deep and insightful. I highly recommend this fun class!”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to take this course where we investigated "I don’t know what to do."  It helped me to fully experience and accept the reality of this stress and completely transform it into peace and harmony.”

“I’ve taken so much from this course with Becky. It was a great opportunity to explore and see the fearful future thoughts that were holding me back and causing me so much stress.”

Becky Miller
(928) 600-1299 (cell)



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